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(Video) Angle on the run: NV Senate candidate flees own press conference

Watch Sharron Angle skeedaddle away from the media … after calling a press conference. Reporters try to give chase, but to no avail. Oh my …

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Polls, fast and furious

There’s a whole lot going on out there in poll-land. Here’s a quick summation: Obama’s numbers look grim, but they look great compared to George W. Bush, McCollum is toast, and nobody knows who Jeff Greene and Kendrick Meek are … Continue reading

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Good man. President Obama calls Shirley Sherrod

Via TPM:

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(Video) Anti-Rick Scott ad features former health care fraud prosecutor

The ad is from the Florida First Initiative, a 527 tied to Scott’s opponent, Florida A.G. Bill McCollum. It goes directly after Scott’s attempts to smooth over his deft escape from prosecution in the Columbia/HCA Medicare fraud case, which resulted … Continue reading

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Rick Scott campaign blocks reporter for interviewing candidate’s mother

First off, let me just assure you that Michael Putney, the chief political reporter from Channel 10 in Miami is one of the nicest, most professional gentleman you would ever meet in any profession, and one of the best journalists … Continue reading

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(Video) Shirley Sherrod: not sure on job, considing suing Breitbart, wants to talk to the prez

From CNN’s “American Morning” on Thursday, Shirley Sherrod said she is mulling a lawsuit against blogger Andrew Breitbart, and says she’d like to talk with President Obama, to help him understand her life experiences. She also dismissed Breitbart’s “explanation” that … Continue reading

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Not for nothing, but the media bought Breitbart’s snake oil, too

The Shirley Sherrod fiasco has made the White House and the NAACP look foolish, and forced the Obama administration to waste two whole news days when they should have been leading the cheering section for finreg and unemployment insurance. But … Continue reading

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DSCC would support Greene (with caveats) but will Meek and Greene play nice? **UPDATE**

Democracy is messy, and primaries are never pretty, but in the end, the expectation is that people come together, play nice (even if they have to fake it) and work for the overall good of the party.

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Morning clicks: 3 more Meek-Greene debates, ICYMI, and Jebwatch

My Herald column is done and turned in, but will be running on Sunday this week, instead of today, just FYI. You can guess what I’m writing about by scrolling down the homepage… Here’s what you missed while the White … Continue reading

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Holy traffic spike! (AKA sorry for the interruption)

Filed under “good problems to have…” Over the last several days, traffic to the Reid Report has spiked about 4,000 percent. The bad news is, the sudden traffic jolt overwhelmed the modest account I have with my host, and they … Continue reading

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