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Is Marco Rubio cribbing his ‘ideas’ from Paul Ryan? (and is Ryan right about anything?)

Watching the rebroadcast of “Hardball” Monday, I noticed something oddly familiar about Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s prescription for cutting the deficit. In fact, I swore I’d heard it just a couple of hours before…

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What would Marco do for you? Rubio outlines his budget plan

If Marco Rubio can get to the U.S. Senate, and bring a magic wand with him to make himself majority leader, in the process making the Democratic majority disappear, what would he do for Florida? Well… Rubio has finally put … Continue reading

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(Video) Florida Senate race: Team Meek (finally) goes on TV **UPDATED with reax, Greene response

No word yet on how large the buy is, Beth Reinhard reports that the ad buy is just $400,000 — a pretty tiny buy in a state that costs about $1 million a week to advertise statewide in the 10 … Continue reading

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Burning questions: when Steele meets Breitbart

TPMDC is reporting that the RNC will hold a 3-day fundraising extravaganza in Beverly Hills next month, at which hip-hop Republican chairman Michael Steele will share opening night hosting duties with none other than right wing “media” blowtorch Andrew Breitbart … Continue reading

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Awkward: Jeb Bush’s Rand Paul fundraiser on Disability Act anniversary

Jeb! is set to raise money for Kentucky Senate candidate (and Civil Rights Act opponent) Rand Paul today, which will provide ample irony for people with disabilities. Today happens to be the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, … Continue reading

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The Wikileaks Afghan document dump: blessing or disaster?

On the one hand, to be honest and non-hypocritical, I would have cheered a release like the Wikileaks War Diary (site may be down, it was overnight Sunday), regarding the invasion of Iraq if George W. Bush was still president … Continue reading

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