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Lies, damned lies, and SharkTank.net

Apparently, someone appropriately labeled “in the tank” did not enjoy my recent post about Allen West (who I reiterate, is insane…) And so they posted this lengthy rebuttal, in which your humble blogger was referred to as “cheeky.” How “barmy” … Continue reading

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Minutemen drop a dime on ‘Mad Mel’ Gibson

You know that thing where somebody is so angry, so often, then they go so far over the top that they actually become funny? That’s kind of happened with Mel Gibson for me. The latest Exclusive! audio offering from Radar … Continue reading

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Scary monsters: Rick Scott, Allen West even freak out Republicans

I thought creepy Rick Scott and mad Allen West just scared ME. Apparently, they even frighten Republicans. Scott, in particular, is scaring the bejeezus out of the Republican Party of Florida, as he barnstorms the state in his expensive tour … Continue reading

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