Happy Fourth of July, Allen West (now go read a history book)

Allen West could learn a thing or two about tyranny...

Allen West believes that when his side loses an election, or a vote in the House of Representatives or the United States Senate, the result is “tyranny!” TYRANNY, I SAY! … What can you say … he’s a tea party “patriot,” who didn’t even value the rules of America’s most trusted institution, the United States Military, and its strict code of conduct (the Army discreetly pointed him in the general direction of the door back in 2004.) Now, the colonel wants to go to Congress, to fight the “tyrants” up close. Given his history, god forbid he win the election, go to Washington and lose a few votes. Someone could get hurt …

From a very smart editorial in the Palm Beach Post:

Happy Independence Day. That would be Independence Day 2010, not 1776.

King George ‘s equivalent does not live in the White House, any more than a latter-day Benito Mussolini lived in the White House from 2001 until 2009. We have not been under tyrannical rule since the signing of the Declaration of Independence 234 years ago.

Some self-proclaimed “patriots” want you to believe otherwise. As has happened during every stress point in the country’s history, some Americans want to invoke that fiery spirit of 1776 to pit one segment of the country against another. From that perspective, losing a vote in Congress isn’t just a defeat. It’s an example of the majority’s “tyranny.” Pushing through a bill amounts to “treason.”

In fact, we devalue those important words by misusing them. For eight years, the Opinion staff regularly edited out the word “fascist” when letter-writers used it to describe George Bush. Concentrating power in the Oval Office didn’t make him a fascist. Since January 2009, we’ve regularly edited out the word “Hitler” or references to the Third Reich when letter-writers used it to describe Barack Obama. There was one Holocaust.


As it turns out, “tyranny” to Col. West means President Obama’s criticism of the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address. It means extracting $20 billion from BP upfront to compensate victims of the company’s negligence. It means the stimulus package, the financial bailout and the health care bill.

Tyranny? Elected representatives cast those votes. Most of those representatives will go before the voters and have to defend their records. Those who believe that parts of the health care law are unconstitutional will get to make their case in court. That’s democracy, not tyranny. In a democracy, sometimes your side loses.

To Col. West, however, “The will of the people is not being heard.” That’s always tricky. The “will of the people” in 1954 would not have been for the Supreme Court to strike down “separate but equal.” Just last week, House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, issued a symbolic call for the House to repeal parts of the health care law because Americans “remain opposed to it.” In the latest Gallup Poll, 48 percent of respondents supported the law and 41 percent opposed it. Perhaps when the debate shifted from “death panels” and “tyranny,” sentiment began to shift.

Read the whole thing. Well worth it.

Maybe Col. West should read it too. Unless of course, he’s figured out that the Palm Beach Post is in actuality,  Communist manifesto propagandizing for the Fourth Reich tyranny that took over the country last November when the majority of Americans supposedly “held an election” in order to install the foreign-born spawn of the Red Menace in the White House as part of their 47-year tyrannical plan involving “obscure” newspapers in Honolulu …

Happy Fourth of July to all (Allen West and other nutters included).

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5 Responses to Happy Fourth of July, Allen West (now go read a history book)

  1. CB says:

    Interesting to write a blog while miss interpreting the meaning of what you write. And then to go so far to attack a man whose actions saved American lives. May if you not only read a history book but the incident that tool place you would probably thank Lt Col West – who has more bravery in his finger nail than three generations of your family. Aside from that – why would your guy Klein drape a US flag over the back of a car during a parade – maybe he should read the US Code – putz!

  2. Heath says:

    I will not go into debate with the political side. However, as a veteran I will state that Colonel West is a hero. It is just too bad that the military wants to be politically correct and we lose Americans due to this. Colonel West pulled a trigger and obtained information on an ambush saving lives of his soldiers. Save your BS for something relevant. The Republican party along with the Democratic party are both corrupted and no longer working for the people. Colonel West is fresh air for this nation. This nation needs to quit taking sides because these politicians are the same token with different sides and it is evident they are ruining this country.

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  4. Ed says:


    Keep your feet firmly planted on the Democratic Plantation. Allen West is a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT.

  5. Solane says:

    And the spirit of comity has departed the left. Now it is all name calling, in the hysterical fear of what is about to happen.

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