Jeff Greene attacks back with ‘open letter to Kendrick Meek’

Mutual haterade. Democratic Senate rivals: Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene.

So much for all that feel-good, Jefferson-Jackson unity. Okay, actually, there was no feel-good unity between the two most bitter Democratic rivals of the 2010 primary season, Kendrick Meek and Jeff Greene. Sure, they toned down their rhetoric against each other during their respective speeches, but Meek blasted away at Greene during his media availability not an hour before. And then, Team Meek dropped their first mailer, which says “it’s hard to be the worst of Wall Street, but Jeff Greene found a way.” Now, Team Greene has responded in kind.

From the in-box: the full Greene letter – (and yeah, he’s still calling him “Kendrick…”)

July 19, 2010

Rep. Kendrick Meek
Kendrick Meek for Florida
111 NW 183rd St., Suite 325
Miami Gardens, Florida 33169

Dear Kendrick:

When I first entered the Senate race, I wrote to you to express my desire to run a campaign based on the issues that Floridians care about including jobs, the environment and healthcare. I proposed that we have a healthy debate on the topics that would help voters understand the clear difference between our candidacies.

Now, with just over a month before the primary election and less than 24 hours after Democrats united at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, you have resorted to vicious personal attacks against my character with your most recent mailer. This desperate and negative assault is a new low, even for you Kendrick, and I have no choice but to respond in-kind.

I can only conclude that you are attempting to distract voters from the fact that as a Congressman you failed to protect Floridians from two of the biggest crises in recent time. You failed to regulate the lenders that offered the subprime home loans that caused the housing crisis, and you failed to regulate Wall Street that caused the economic crisis which resulted in thousands of families across Florida to lose their homes and livelihoods.

The recent polls illustrate that Floridians are tired of the status quo and want a proven jobs creator that is independent of special interests to be their Senator. And regardless of the outcome of the primary, I am committed to supporting the Democratic Senate nominee and will do what I can to ensure Democrats win in November – something you have not pledged to do.
In the final weeks of this primary, I will continue to campaign across the state on the issues Floridians care about, but I will not let vicious personal attacks against my character go unanswered. I am responding quickly, forcefully and truthfully.


Jeff Greene
Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate

I’m quite sure the Team Meek response is forthcoming…

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