Midday clicks: Bill, Bud and Diana… not a love story

Former Broward County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin, my commissioner, btw, and now, a defendant.

If it’s Wednesday, some South Florida politician must be going down in flames in a corruption scandal…

Today’s jail-bird is my own county commissioner, Diana Wasserman-Rubin, who apparently was voting on grants that financially benefited her husband, including some he went ahead and wrote himself. Details here.

There’s plenty of scandal to go around, of course. Up in Deerfield Beach, a failed festival has morphed into a full-blown ethics complaint.

BTW, nearly 150,000 Floridians lose their unemployment benefits this week, thanks to Senate Republicans. You’re welcome.

On an up-note (if you’re a Heat fan,) Miami is keeping Dwayne Wade, and signing Chris Bosh. Groupies, look sharp!

Also in Miami: an idea who’s time has come: Babalu!

Meanwhile, in “what the hell are they thinking?” files: Florida is about to go to war over immigration, even as the administration prepares to sue Arizona.

And when our attorney general here in the sunshine state isn’t pandering on the immigration issue to try and beat back the smoke monster, he’s preparing to testify in the Jim Greer scandal-bag. (BTW, Mr. SB6, current RPOF chairman John Thrasher, is not amused at smokey’s attacks on the A.G.)

Staying with the governor’s race, what to do about Bud Chiles … who apparently is in deepening financial straights personally, even as his quixotic gubernatorial run threatens to cost him all of his Democratic friends … (hey, maybe that’s a way to get Bud out of the race: somebody hire him, quick!)

In the Senate race: Kendrick Meek says voters want to talk about jobs, but he’d also like to hear more discussion about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Marco Rubio’s got a new video starring Chris Matthews touting Charlie Crist’s future as a big-time Democrat. The ad hits Crist on the trust issue, but seems strangely designed to elicit a reaction from Republican primary voters, not independents, who could probably care less who Crist would caucus with …

BTW, with 60 days or so to go until primary day, military voters are about to start receiving their ballots, extra early this year.

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2 Responses to Midday clicks: Bill, Bud and Diana… not a love story

  1. Richard says:

    Good news for the Heat. Will LeBron be joining them too? Perhaps Wade and Bosh can send some of their pocket change to those 150,000 unemployed until the Senate gets back to work.

  2. JReid says:


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