Morning clicks: Miami mugs Cleveland, Uncle Luke hearts Kagan

Bored by the LeBronathon? The Miami New Times did the one live-blog that mattered. And they serve up this handy primer on Miami.

Okay, maybe one last word (or two: never again.)

BTW, if you want Heat season tickets, you’re pretty much out of luck at this point.

And while we now devote precious brain power thinking up a nickname for the LeBron-Wade-Bosh monster, the Cleveland Cavs’ owner may be having a sober moment after firing off this ugly letter wasting LeBron and promising Cavs fans to work a voodoo doll on him and Miami.

Also at the New Times, Uncle Luke gives Elena Kagan his blessing. You are now free to party on, Miss K.

Another day, another corrupt Florida pol gets jail time.

The Obama election strategy is kicking into gear: defending the administration’s record on business, rolling out a new slogan. Perhaps getting some jobs on the books would be helpful?

And appeals court packed with oil industry shills tells the federal government it can’t put a moratorium on deep-water drilling. Go figure.

In national politics today, a fight over Afghanistan by two people no one should be listening to anyway.

West VA Gov. Manchin wants … that … seat … let’s hope he doesn’t mess around a pull a Martha Coakley.

Returning to Florida, Maurice Ferre offers his thoughts on the election, and raps both Meek and Rubio as unelectable. To summarize:

Kendrick Meek? “He cannot win an election in the state of Florida… The state of Florida has a long history of electing middle-of-the-road Democrats.”

Marco Rubio? “For sure, I can beat Marco Rubio. I have no doubts I can beat Marco Rubio.”

Charlie Crist? “Charlie Crist is going to be tough.”

He predicted billionaire Jeff Greene (“terrible speaker” Ferre gushed) would trump Meek because of money and that Crist would be the man to beat in the general election.

M.O. headed to Florida to survey oil spill damage.

Jeff Greene already has some ex-DNC folks on his team, now he’s hired a former strategist for Jim Webb.

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