Morning clicks: Rubio’s tax holiday, World Cup final, and a liberal “tea party?”

As we learn that Roman Polanski will spend the rest of his life in a Swiss chalet rather than an American jail, and Fidel Castro gets ready for his close-up … here’s what’s happening for the rest of us …

The al-Qaida-linked terrorist group al-Shabab just couldn’t let Africa enjoy an incident-free World Cup. Two explosions, possibly suicide bombs, killed 64 soccer fans in Uganda and injured more than 70 others. The casualties include at least one American, who may have been among a missionary group in the country and attending the soccer viewing at a stadium. Investigators have already uncovered a link to our old friend Somalia. (Read an eye-witness account here.)

The violence comes as Spain prevailed in an ugly World Cup final, 1-0 with a crisp goal in the final moments of overtime. In the end, the winner of the World Cup may really have been Africa.

To the U.S., where a coalition of liberal groups including SEIU, the NAACP and the National Council of La Raza are putting together their own version of the “tea party movement” called One Nation — presumably without the spitting and the screaming and the period costumes and misspelled signs — to unite angry/dispairing liberals who feel the president hasn’t done enough to fulfill his campaign promises. Mr. Beck: permission for your head to explode now.

This as The Fix reports the AFL-CIO has already gone into the field for election activity in 23 states.

And Ezra Klein makes clear that the unions will have their work cut out for them if the economy doesn’t start getting better.

Also at the WaPo: grim news from Obama’s debt commission.

While John Kyl counters: to hell with the deficit … cut rich people’s taxes!

David Broder continues to pine for the tea party movement, and now he’s offering them free advice, too.

Over at the NYTimes, Michael Luo asks what (or rather who) can Meg Whitman buy for $1 million?

The Census is ending, and that’s not a good thing for jobs.

And Bill Clinton and Jean Max Bellerive talk about what still needs to be done in Haiti.

Clinton was also busy this weekend, presiding over the wedding of Anthony Weiner and the glamorous (and Muslim) Huma Abedin. Could the cross-religious marriage soften Weiner’s tone vis-a-vis Israel? I’m guessing not, but a girl can dream…

Andrew Breitbart’s little video minions get sued by a former ACORN employee. (Cue the bile-spitting Breitbart reaction…)

Maybe the faux pimp and ho can get Rush to contribute to their legal defense fund, now that he’s sold his NYC condo for big bucks …

To Florida, where we’re reminded that Marco Rubio wanted to eliminate property taxes for rich homeowners and pass the bill to the poor and middle class in the form of higher sales taxes.

Meanwhile, Gov. Crist meets with Kenneth Feinberg, the Obama administration’s BP oil spill pay czar, and a raft of Florida officials today.

With a hat tip to FLA Politics, some 500 laid-off Broward teachers hit the dry job market, and hope for the best.

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