P.M. clicks: the ‘unpopularity caucus’

Wall Street: Obama signs finreg. Somehow I feel like I should be more excited (the Sherrod effect)…

David Frum says the conservative media is shameless on Sherrod. (He’s right)

Ms. Sherrod is reportedly getting hate email and threatening phonecalls. (Wingers will be wingers..)

Charlie Crist gets hit with his first 527 attack ad. The group behind the ad has ties to grimey Norm Coleman and a former aide to Eric Cantor, and its name sounds like it was cribbed from Al Sharpton’s National Action Network…

Burning question: will Marco Rubio join Michelle Bachman’s new “tea party caucus” if he gets elected to the U.S. Senate? Um, next question, please… (and yes, they noticed.)

Bachman needn’t worry about feeling lonely, though. At least two Florida lawmakers who are not Marco Rubio will be joining her caucus.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Polling has two interesting posts, one of which might explain Rubio’s shyness on the whole “tea party” thing. For one thing, Rubio is among a slate of Republican candidates for Senate this year whose net favorability is in negative territory around the country.

And PPP wonders whether Florida’s primaries might be too late in the season — so close to the general election, in fact, that they hurt whichever party is holding a primary, which in this case means the Republicans for governor, and the Democrats for Senate.

The primary for Democratic attorney general candidates in Florida is a hot one, too. And Saint Petersblog has a must-read this afternoon: the political case for (underdog) Dave Aronberg.

Saint Petersblog also has a look at the second mailer from Kendrick Meek, clobbering rival Jeff Greene for making money on the housing crash (again.)

From Page Six: the Charlie Crist-Real Housewives convervence?

Also in the New York Post: John Boehner taking all the fun out of hanging with lobbyists? Bet he didn’t ban free drinks…

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