Polls, fast and furious

There’s a whole lot going on out there in poll-land. Here’s a quick summation: Obama’s numbers look grim, but they look great compared to George W. Bush, McCollum is toast, and nobody knows who Jeff Greene and Kendrick Meek are … stillHere we go:

Quinnipiac: Americans favor reducing unemployment over reducing the deficit by more than two-to-one: 64 percent to 30 percent (sorry, tea parties…)

Also Qpac: Americans are very, very pessimistic about the economy. The percentage who say we’re in a recession is up 4 points since May to 79 percent; 52 percent say no recovery is under say (vs 44 percent who see one); just 2 in 10 say the economy is getting better, while 3 in 10 say it’s getting worse.

And this bad news / good news from Qpac:

While 41 percent of American voters trust President Barack Obama to handle the economy, 42 percent say they trust congressional Republicans more. Independent voters, a key voting bloc, favor congressional Republicans 42 – 35 percent. Voters disapprove 56 – 39 percent of the way President Obama is handling the economy, with independents giving him a thumbs down 61 – 34 percent.

The good news for Obama is that by 53 – 25 percent they blame former President George W. Bush more than Obama for the current economic conditions, compared to blaming Bush 55 – 20 percent in a January Quinnipiac University survey.

Obama’s approval ratings are underwater in the Qpac poll, 44-48, and 48 percent say he does not deserve re-election in 2012, vs. 40 percent who say he does. And more Obama-Bush redux:

Anti-incumbent sentiment slams both parties as voters disapprove 59 – 31 percent of the job Democrats are doing, and disapprove 59 – 29 percent of Republicans in Congress. But voters say 43 – 38 percent they would vote for a Republican in a generic Congressional race.

American voters say 42 – 32 percent that Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, similar to the 43 – 30 percent who felt that way in January of 2010.

To PPP, which has more numbers than you can shake a stick at…

In Nevada, PPP says Obama is holding down Harry Reid’s numbers.

In Florida, PPP has the smoke monster up 14 points over Bill McCollum (43-29) but Scott is managing to beat McCollum without raising his own favorables:

Only 26% have a favorable opinion of the Attorney General while 40% see him unfavorably. He hasn’t done much though to make Republicans take a charitable view of him. 35% see him positively while 32% have a negative opinion of him, not usually the kind of favorability numbers you want to see with your party’s base.

Meanwhile, a sizable 28 percent of GOP voters remain undecided in that primary. And more good news for Alex Sink:

Scott has tried in particular to court the party’s large conservative voting bloc and his favorability with them is a positive 38/27 spread. But that’s come at a cost to his standing with moderate Republicans, who see him negatively 28/43. That doesn’t bode well for the general election and goes a long way toward explaining why Alex Sink fared so well in the numbers we released yesterday.

For the Democrats, it’s metza-metza. Kendrick Meek leads Jeff Greene by just 28 percent to 25 percent, with a whopping 37 percent undecided. Demographically, the candidates are splitting whites evenly, while Meek has a 44-19 advantage with black voters, a 39-26 edge with liberal voters and 3 point lead with moderates. Greene is up big with conservadems, however, leading there by 19 points.

But the upshot of the poll is this: most Dems still don’t know who either of these guys are …

45% of primary voters don’t know enough about Greene to have formed an opinion and 47% have not yet formulated one of Meek. Democratic voters haven’t been very impressed with what they’ve seen from Greene so far- 33% have an unfavorable opinion of him while just 22% see him positively. Charlie Crist should definitely be rooting for Greene given those numbers because it would significantly increase his odds of holding onto the Democratic support that’s fueling his current lead in the race. Meek’s favorability numbers are better at 33/20.

… this as absentee ballots are already in the mail. That means many voters will be getting their ballot and their candidate information at the same time. I guess you could call that a strategy… I guess …

BTW, who do Americans like? Not surprising: Bill Clinton, and Michelle Obama.

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  1. Flo says:

    And 89% say Shirley Sherrod has been slandered.

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