Rival says David Rivera should step down over domestic violence, Plus: six degrees of separation: Pereda and Rubio **UPDATED**

David Rivera got elected chairman of the Republican Party of Miami-Dade by one vote. Tonight, his rival for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives, and other opponents in the party, will try to take him down. Paul Crespo, a tea party candidate and strict proponent of the U.S. embargo against Cuba, will call on Rivera to resign at tonight’s throw-down party meeting in Miami. And the charges Crespo is floating against Marco Rubio’s chief “disciple” have nothing to do with the embargo …From Riptide:

Paul Crespo, one of Rivera’s challengers in the Republican primary this August, claims he will confront Rivera and demand that he resign as the Miami-Dade GOP’s chairman. Via an email sent by his campaign, Crespo accuses Rivera of violating party bylaws and that he has documents and photographs that “will prove Mr. Rivera’s wanton violations and abuses.”

“Mr. Rivera has shown a complete disdain for fairness and has on numerous occasions overstepped the bounds of ethical behavior,” Crespo said.

Rivera is already under fire, and ducking Spanish-language radio, over pretending not to know his friend Ariel Pereda, whose business just happens to facilitate trade with Cuba. The meeting tonight should be interesting, especially since the word in Twitterville is that Crespo will drop a serious bomb on Rivera, and it has nothing to do with the embargo …

From DownWithTyranny‘s Howie Klein:

It turns out that the Miami Dade County Clerk of Courts website lists David Rivera as a repeat domestic violence offender. I think this is a DWT exclusive right now. I haven’t seen it anywhere else online– except here (click– and keep in mind that REPVIOL means Repeated Acts of Violence).

To review: Paul Crespo will present public records at the Miami-Dade GOP meeting tonight, documenting that Rivera has been guilty of multiple counts of domestic violence. The incidents, which date back to 1994, were dismissed, but Rivera won’t be able to deny they occcured. And if he succeeds in forcing Rivera out of his seat, Crespo will hand a major embarrassment to the national Republican Party, which is fully backing Rivera.

Meanwhile, how long before the law of six degrees of separation begin tying Rivera’s friend, Mr. Pereda, to the object of Rivera’s worship, Marco Rubio? In reality, the degrees of separation are considerably less than six:

One: Marco Rubio has many disciples, none more beloved than David Rivera (they even got foreclosed on together…)

Two: David Rivera, renowned anti-Castro legislator, is widely known to be friends with Ariel Pereda, facilitator of trade with the hated isle of Castro …

Three: Rivera raised money and lobbied for something called the Future Leadership Committee, which at one point was chaired by a guy named Jose Mallea, whose address and phone number are identical to the ones listed on committee records for Pereda’s firm. (Rivera and Mallea both served on John McCain’s Hispanic Leadership Committee in 2008)

Four: Mallea, who owns a company called JM Consulting, is Marco Rubio’s campaign manager.

Bonus: Pereda’s lawyer, Nelson Diaz, was Rubio’s top aide when he was House Speaker.

Yep. That’s less than six …

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5 Responses to Rival says David Rivera should step down over domestic violence, Plus: six degrees of separation: Pereda and Rubio **UPDATED**

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  3. Silver says:

    You say “Rivera has been guilty of multiple counts” but go on to say these charges were dismissed. Therefore, he was never found ‘guilty.’ He was accused of these violations. Of course, he may have committed them and the charges were still dismissed. But I think it’s wrong to say he was guilty.


    How can anyone doubt that Rivera and Ariel Pereda are close friends? They were together at Nelson Diaz’ wedding to Lissette Rodriguez on May 8th. Find the photos!

    Why is this important? Because it is tangible proof that Rivera is lying! Just as he lies and cheats about everything!

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