Rubio cancels on Univision, uses dad’s illness to dodge Rivera, Pereda questions

Marco Rubio and his chief disciple, David Rivera

Marco Rubio would rather not discuss his disciple David Rivera — soon to be plastered across the media as a serial spousal abuser, Rivera’s ties to Cuba trade entrepreneur Ariel Pereda, or frankly, his own (see Six Degrees of Rubio-Pereda here.) And he’s using his father’s illness as an excuse to duck the press.
From the Miami Herald:

Citing his father’s illness, Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio postponed a highly anticipated appearance today on Univision’s popular WQBA-1140 AM show from 4 to 5 p.m. hosted by Roberto Rodriguez Tejera.

Rubio was slated to face questions from a panel of respected journalists, including Bernadette Pardo, Helen Aguirre Ferre, and Manny Garcia of The Miami Herald’s sister publication, El Nuevo.

Tejera said he planned to ask Rubio about the new Arizona crackdown on illegal immigration and about his friend David Rivera’s relationship to a businessman who facilitates trade with Cuba.

Why so shy? Rubio may not want to discuss his own Pereda connections, which McClatchy further clarifies:

As for state Rep. David Rivera, he’s under fire from his congressional rivals for attacking opponents of the Cuban embargo while being close friends with Ariel Pereda, who facilitates trade with Cuba. Rubio’s campaign manager, Jose Mallea, and Pereda were the sole registered lobbyists for a company called PM Strategies in 2007. Pereda’s lawyer, Nelson Diaz, was Rubio’s top aide when he was House Speaker.

You’ve got to sympathize with a guy who’s father is ill. But funny that his father’s condition didn’t stop El Unico from flying to New York (with Rivera) for a big-ticket fundraisier with a hedge fund manager.

This is also the second time a member of the Rubio Cult of Free Stuff on Donors’ Amex has canceled on my friend Helen Ferre. Rivera ducked her by skipping a forum at Miami’s Downtown Bay Club, likely to avoid the same questions. I’ll be on “Issues” with Helen tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll get a chance to discuss the goings-on.

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