Saturday’s finest: Charlie B-day, Florida House rankings, Greenezuela

Birthday boy Charlie Crist, courtesy of his mom (and his campaign)

It’s Saturday, I’m headed out to finally see “Inception” (before someone on Twitter spoils it for me) and here’s what’s going on in politics today:

Today is also Charlie Crist’s birthday, his mom would like you to know. He was quite an adorable child, and with that in mind, Mother Crist would also like you to send her boy a few bucks, since his former friends in the Florida GOP don’t like him anymore (and some of his other former friends are in jail...)

Crist did have a gift for 250,000 unemployed Floridians this week: his executive order extending unemployment benefits through the end of the year, in the wake of belated action by Congress (thanks to GOP obstructionism.)

Alan Grayson is getting death threats, and he blames Brent Bozell, and Sarah Palin and her “zombie minions.” How much do I love Alan Grayson? A whole lot. Message to wingers: touch one hair on his head and it’s war.

Politico digs into the Kendrick Meek conundrum, with the Congressional Black Caucus now demanding that President Obama do for Meek what Meek did for … Hillary Clinton. I dig into the irony of it all, here.

And the St. Pete Times looks at Meek’s Congressional career, and the difficult time he’s had standing out in the crowd.

Also, look for the next GOP line of attack against Meek to be … Charlie Rangel. (Question: will “real Democrat” Jeff Greene take up that baton, too?)

The Times/Herald partnership also pours through Jeff Greene’s financial disclosure, and finds investments in Venezuelan bonds, described as “not for the faint of heart.” It also turns out Greene is even richer than first thought. Upshot: I am not a child, but still adoptable…

As Marco Rubio continues his losing battle against the endlessly superior Rachel Maddow.

The Buzz has put out its “House rankings,” listing the most vulnerable (and interesting seats.) Biggest news: David Rivera’s bad rep combined with Marco Rubio’s loss of inevitability means Democrats a real shot at taking the Miami seat abandoned by Lincoln Diaz-Balart. Second biggest news: most of Allen West’s support comes from out of state.

The Buzz also has your link to handy-dandy fundraising numbers for all comers.

In the Florida governor’s race, Bill McCollum’s campaign is essentially broke, and being rescued by the public dole. But McCollum won’t get the big windfall he could have gotten, since Rick Scott denied him the extra financing by spending just below the millionaire’s cap. All public financing numbers here.

Going outside the state, Politics Daily takes a look at the battle over the Ground Zero mosque.

The governorships take center stage in the Democratic zeitgeist.

Speaking of which, and going back to Florida for a moment, when Alex Sink’s campaign goes up on television, they should consider cutting this ad down to a :60 and running it.

President Obama’s new line of attack, as previewed today, will be: “Republicans want to add $1 trillion to the deficit, just to give your money to the rich.”

And Obama made a surprise video appearance at Netroots Nation (which in a way, is hostile territory for this president,) urging progressives to “keep up the fight” and hold him accountable. (Video here.)

BTW, I wonder if the prez read Bob Herbert today. If so, he won’t like it … (and he probably won’t love my column in tomorrow’s Herald, either. Good thing he probably mostly reads the big people in the New York Times and Washington Post…)

Now trending internationally? Catholic priests filmed at gay sex clubs. Jesus, take the wheel.

Other good reads: The Atlantic on America’s love of political dynasties (probably on Jeb Bush’s reading list today…)

And Slate offers this nifty takedown of the right wing’s Alex P. Keaton, Tucker Carlson.

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