“Tea partier” Mark Williams writes ‘letter to Abe Lincoln’ … from the ‘coloreds’ **UPDATED**

If you’re feeling pissy that the NAACP condemned your witch doctor signage and you’re out to prove that your movement isn’t racist, wouldn’t it help not to actually say anything that might be construed as racist?

Mark Williams, right wing talk show host, CNN favorite and “organizer” of the corporate-backed Tea Party Express, was all over the airwaves Wednesday, defending “the movement” against the NAACP’s condemnation. I guess Sarah Palin’s linguistic stylings and Michael Steele’s pitifully toned down tweets weren’t enough to get the point across, so Williams was meant to be the closer.

But Williams has a strange way of proving he and his movement aren’t racist…

He started out on Tuesday with a post on his blog, which took issue with the “C” in NAACP:

On Wednesday, he went on to blast the NAACP more um … forcefully … on NPR, no less …

WILLIAMS: You’re dealing with people who are professional race baiters, who make a very good living off this kind of thing. They make more money off of race than any slave trader ever. It’s time groups like the NAACP went to the trash heap of history where they belong with all the other vile racist groups that emerged in our history.

Mark was just getting warmed up. Later, on CNN, he reiterated that it’s really the NAACP that’s racist, not the people drawing Hitler mustaches on Barack Obama…

But Williams was just getting started. Also Wednesday, he took his “non-racist” commentary to the next level, penning his version of an “open letter” to Abe Lincoln … from the “colored people…” in which he accuses black people, or sorry “coloreds,” of not wanting to work, of “striving for welfare,” and wanting to buy “flat screen TVs” with white people’s stolen money. Seriously. It’s an apparent attempt at satire, I suppose, but which aligns perfectly with the views of the tea party movement, which is by and large a mash-up of Libertarians who want to get rid of Social Security, disappointed Palin cultists and old geezer racists who believe Obama only got himself elected so he can steal all the white people’s money and hand it out in the hood.

Here’s the full Mark Williams post, followed by a screenshot (just in case he thinks better of it tonight and decides to erase it. … not that that’s likely…) with emphases added:

Dear Mr. Lincoln

We Coloreds have taken a vote and decided that we don’t cotton to that whole emancipation thing. Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards. That is just far too much to ask of us Colored People and we demand that it stop!

In fact we held a big meeting and took a vote in Kansas City this week. We voted to condemn a political revival of that old abolitionist spirit called the ‘tea party movement’.

The tea party position to “end the bailouts” for example is just silly. Bailouts are just big money welfare and isn’t that what we want all Coloreds to strive for? What kind of racist would want to end big money welfare? What they need to do is start handing the bail outs directly to us coloreds! Of course, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is the only responsible party that should be granted the right to disperse the funds.

And the ridiculous idea of “reduce[ing] the size and intrusiveness of government.” What kind of massa would ever not want to control my life? As Coloreds we must have somebody care for us otherwise we would be on our own, have to think for ourselves and make decisions!

The racist tea parties also demand that the government “stop the out of control spending.” Again, they directly target coloreds. That means we Coloreds would have to compete for jobs like everybody else and that is just not right.

Perhaps the most racist point of all in the tea parties is their demand that government “stop raising our taxes.” That is outrageous! How will we coloreds ever get a wide screen TV in every room if non-coloreds get to keep what they earn? Totally racist! The tea party expects coloreds to be productive members of society?

Mr. Lincoln, you were the greatest racist ever. We had a great gig. Three squares, room and board, all our decisions made by the massa in the house. Please repeal the 13th and 14th Amendments and let us get back to where we belong.


Precious Ben Jealous, Tom’s Nephew NAACP Head Colored Person

And here’s the screenshot:

Well that proves it. … no racism there! I would be fascinated to see what any one of the pony show black tea partiers the “movement” shoved in front of television cameras today to defend them would think about that. And what say you, Michael Steele?

Williams has a lot of experience being the classy face and voice of the tea party movement. Just in the last six months, his group has been the “brains” behind the nutbag Sharron Angle campaign …

And Williams, who not surprisingly is also a right wing talk jock, has distinguished himself in many ways…

Calling President Obama an “Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist in chief”:

Saying Muslims worship a “monkey god” and calling Islam a “7th Century Death Cult Coughed Up By A Psychotic Pedophile” …

And saying this at a tea party rally at which Sarah Palin also spoke, shortly after Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts:

“Political correctness is going to kill us. Political correctness led to 9/11, political correctness led to Barack Hussein Obama — political correctness is a societal HIV. (America has) a full-blown case of AIDS and we’re the cure,” Williams said.

This is just Williams’ latest go-round. He has a long history, including

…calling former president Jimmy Carter a “creepy f*ggot,” and has stated that Obama was born in Kenya, according to Media Matters for America

And not to be missed is this gem, also courtesy of Media Matters:

But Mr. Williams would like you to know … he and his “movement” are not racist. No siree-bob…

UPDATE: More Mark Williams classics! From TPM:

Last year, in a post that has since been removed, he responded to news of a failed terror attack in New York by writing:

[R]epeat after me: Islam is a 7th Century Death Cult coughed up by a psychotic pedophile and embraced by defective, tail sprouting, tree swinging, semi-human, bipedal primates with no claim to be treated like human beings or even desirable mammals for that matter.

And later that year, in a post titled “Savage Islam,” he wrote:

Muhammad instructs all Muslims to use whatever it takes to murder innocents and die in the process, the more violent the better. Even better than that, use the tools of civilized Man against civilized Man. No matter how tame an adherent to Islam may appear, they are still Muslim and just waiting for allah to provide them with an opportunity.

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201 Responses to “Tea partier” Mark Williams writes ‘letter to Abe Lincoln’ … from the ‘coloreds’ **UPDATED**

  1. sadtosay says:

    OH MY GOD somebody finally got Darhalen i applaud thee you understand what most try to deny bravo bravo

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  3. BuddhA says:

    Well, if the NAACP represents “all people of color,” does that include white people? Is white a color?

  4. Pacal says:

    RE: Roshan #34. You do realize that it was the US Supreme Court that legalized Abortion nationally in 1972? You do realize that it is debatable, to say the least, to assert that a fertilized egg is a baby. Given that the great majority of abortions are performed in the first trimester isn’t describing this as killing babies a bit much? Accusing Democrats of killing 24 or 27 million babies is of course agitation propaganda. Does it have to be pointed out that pro-choice and pro-life (both sides prefferd descriptors) are founded in both political parties. You do realize that it is not just Democrats who get abortions. In fact lots of Republicans get them too and of course lots of pro-lifers get them also. This includes thoose picketing abortion clinics.

    See http://mypage.direct.ca/w/writer/anti-tales.html

    So Roshan your agit-prop is typical of the pro-life movement but I can say with perfect assurance that many pro-life people will, when their young daughters get pregnant hustle their dauighters to an abiortion clinic where the daugher will spread their legs, have the procedure and right afterwards many of these parents will go right back to denouncing abortion.

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  11. Faucets says:

    I can say with perfect assurance that many pro-life people will, when their young daughters get pregnant hustle their dauighters to an abiortion clinic where the daugher will spread their legs, have the procedure and right afterwards many of these parents will go right back to denouncing abortion.

  12. tea partyers don’t vote and rant against their own interests just because many of them fall on the left side of the bell curve when it comes to intelligence; the anti-obama, socialist fear mongering, anti=health care reform refrain is carefully manipulated by corporate spin doctors who feed misinformation and lies to them through Rupert Murdock.

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  15. Ryan Barone says:

    I <3 the tea party.

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  23. Katy says:

    I am a Tea Partier, so I feel I should add something to this.

    First of all, I totally agree that asking for someone’s race when they apply for a job is pointless. As a Tea Partier I basically believe in supporting the Constitution and the will of the Founders, except where we’ve realized over time that something– like racial discrimination or environmental destruction– needs to be improved upon or eliminated. If “all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” then William’s statements calling Muslims sub-human are un-American, and his remarks about black people also cross the line. Now, I do believe there is a serious problem with people wanting the nanny state to take care of them rather than working a real job. Given how hard it is to find a job these days, this is completely understandable. I believe the solution is to support lots of small businesses; right now, it is very difficult to start or maintain a small business, particularly one with more than five employees. As a small-scale farmer it is nigh impossible to make a profit (I am no fan of Monsanto, for reasons elucidated nicely in the documentary “The Future of Food.”) However I have no hatred of big business either, so long as the rich people running the business don’t support bad causes and treat employees fairly. In my experiences talking to other Tea Partiers, I find them to be better-educated than myself, and I find them to be intelligent and well-spoken in the main. It has been said, and I agree with this, that the racist elements within the Tea Party are not at all fundamental to the group (a fact which I can attest to), but rather exist because we Tea Partiers dislike Obama, and so those few racist jerks who dislike him purely for his race are attracted to the group. I cannot answer for the Tea Party at large on everything; we are individuals and disagree on many subjects. For example, I am in favor of making mountaintop removal illegal because I believe it is wrong; but I think most Tea Partiers believe Appalachia needs coal mining because it is a poor area and has no other major industries. What binds us together as a society is simply this: we believe our government is breaking the law (primarily the Constitution) and ignoring the nation’s needs at a critical time, and we fear for our nation’s future.

    By the way, I personally refuse to listen to Limbaugh, because I dislike his angry, over-generalized attitude towards Liberals. Similarly, while I agree with Beck about 8 times out of 10 on principle, I think he is a bit kooky and, let’s face it, sensationalist. I don’t understand why none of the GOP candidates in this most recent debate mentioned fixing our highly inefficient and illogical immigration system in their answers to questions concerning illegal immigration, because it seems obvious to me that many of the illegals coming from Mexico would come here legally if only it didn’t take seven years just to get a green card. Building a 2,000 mile long fence, to me, is patently absurd. I believe most Mexicans are good people who just want to get away from the awful gang violence south of the border. I am also in favor of legalizing most drugs; not because I think smoking pot is a good idea (it’s not!), but because the violent gangs can only make a profit selling drugs if we can’t produce our own. The people who like drugs will find a way of getting them; better if that way is legal, and doesn’t involve trafficking it through the hands of brutal gangs. The point of my mentioning all these things is to show that, firstly, Tea Partiers are human; and secondly, that we recognize (admittedly to varying degrees, because we are people and have imperfections) the humanity and needs of others. We simply have a different philosophy from the Liberals about how to help our country. Finally, I am 19 and have just graduated college. I hope that will help shake the belief that Tea Partiers are stupid and uneducated at best, and manipulative and self-interested at worst. My apologies for the overly-long paragraphs.


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