The Friday funnies: Beck University … no, really, Glenn Beck University


Can Sarah Palin College be far behind? And yet, laugh all you want, Twitterati, (you especially, madam…!) We all know there are plenty of people out there who are so wingered-up, so terrified of Barack Obama and so thoroughly convinced that Beck is their savior — literally, in the Jesus sense — they’ll gladly pony up the dough and pay their favorite grifter to feed them more “scary knowledge” from his drunken nightmares. Hell, Limbaugh’s got EIB, doesn’t he? And there’s that Liberty University that the late Jerry Falwell cooked up … But they’re just amateurs. Glenn Beck IS the modern-day Hustle-Man.

Will Bunch points out:

I guess you could call this “the Harvard of right-wing radio universities,” in the sense that, well, to my knowledge there aren’t any other right-wing radio universities. Unlike Harvard or Yale, where Beck was a half-term (sound familiar?) student in one theology course after his ex-friend Joe Lieberman pulled some strings, Beck U. is strictly a profit deal. Only by paying Glenn Beck Inc. to become an extreme insider ($9.95 a month, or $74.95) can you enroll on Beck’s pseudo-cyber-campus. How else do you think Beck expects to sell that $4.25 million manse and move into bigger digs?

At that rate, if he just gets 100,000 ninnies to enroll, Beck is putting an extra $7.5 mil a year in his pocket. Hey, it’s the free market. If folks are dumb enough to give him their money, who are we to criticize? We are, however, free to ridicule anyone who shows up toting a BeckU “degree.”

UPDATE: Mother Jones suggests some courses. (“Deconstructing The White Culture,” perhaps?) And almost forgot to h/t Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I would have thought he was joking about this had Keith not had Will Bunch on…

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2 Responses to The Friday funnies: Beck University … no, really, Glenn Beck University

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  2. Rupert says:

    Hilarious. Strictly “Capitalism U” for Beck; but no doubt they will try to re-write the Constitution via his lectures of myth. Maybe they could do something useful like study BP business practices.

    Didn’t David Frum already get kicked out of the right wing?

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