(Video) Greene in the hood: Liberty City Stack-attack, and ‘you people’

As promised, some video from Jeff Greene’s Liberty City appearance, organized by the newly formed Democratic group that endorsed him last week. In these two clips, taken after his stump speech, Greene lays into Kendrick Meek over the Stackhouse mess (they toured what would have been the site of that failed biotech park before coming to the rally), and what Greene calls his “failure” to bring jobs to his Congressional district, and he drops one of the classic white guy blunders: the patented “you people.” (In fairness, I think he thought I was a local resident. In fact, I live in a different county…) After that, Greene answers questions from the Herald’s Beth Reinhard, about what he meant when he said Kendrick Meek is “unelectable,” (Greene says it’s not because Meek is black) and from Michael Putney of WPLG, who asks why Greene believes he can represent Black voters’ interests better than Meek:

In part two (after my camera timer ran out and I switched it back on,) Greene is asked whether the people supporting him on Monday know he used to be a Republican:

More on Greene’s Liberty City appearance (including photos) here.

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