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Iraq by the numbers

The Toronto Star’s Mitch Potter may have said it best: A war that may yet go down in history as America’s single greatest foreign policy blunder reached a milestone Tuesday night with five decisive words from President Barack Obama: “Operation … Continue reading

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The president’s Oval Office address on the end of the combat mission in Iraq

President Obama used his speech tonight to thank the troops, finesse his opposition to the war in the first place, to be gracious to his predecessor, and to pivot — quickly — back to the economy. One thing you won’t … Continue reading

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Eric’s photo of the day: Haley in agony

From the mind of Eric Jotkoff, spokesman for the Florida Democratic Party, via the pages of Politico. How happy does Haley Barbour look to be lashing the Republican Governor’s Association to Rick Scott? An appendectomy comes to mind…

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Operation ‘Get Charlie’: Meek radio ad reminds voters of Crist’s GOP past

If you have any doubt that both the Meek and Rubio campaigns plan on spending all their time tag-teaming Charlie Crist, disabuse yourself immediately. The Meek camp is out with a radio ad re-racking various versions of Crist calling himself … Continue reading

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Republicans for Alex Sink

From the in-box, the Sink campaign releases a list of Republicans in her corner.

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For Florida Democrats, the long, Bud Chiles nightmare may be over

Perhaps it was the shock of seeing Republicans actually nominate a guy whose company committed record Medicare fraud. Maybe he got the right phone call at the right time. Or maybe he really just doesn’t want to be a spoiler. … Continue reading

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Sorry, Charlie: Steve Schale’s eugology for the Crist Senate campaign

The national media zeitgeist certainly would love to see it happen — the first independent Senator, from the super-swing state of Florida! And there are an uncomfortable number of Democrats who want it too, since they see Crist as the … Continue reading

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The new American victimhood

America needs a new civil rights movement. Apparently, white conservatives and Wall Street are being horribly oppressed, by immigrants, by Muslims, and by the Harvard-traitor president of the United States.

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Checks in the mail: will prescription drug rebates salvage healthcare reform?

A new Kaiser Health Tracking poll that shows support for healthcare reform, which had been gaining in popularity, slipping again, is combining with a likely outlier, but still sobering, Gallup tracking poll to spook Hill Democrats into near insensibility. But … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio, lord of the Taj Mahal?

I skipped over a press release yesterday (you get a lot of them in this business, so it’s easy to do) from the Florida CFO’s office. Usually these missives from Alex Sink’s day job contain important but not necessarily blogworthy … Continue reading

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