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Friday video vault: ‘Sugar Hill’ by AZ

Remember this 1995 track? It features MissJones, who I’m pretty sure still does radio in NYC. Enjoy, and happy Friday!

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Who’s afraid of Glenn Beck? **UPDATE**

UPDATE: TDB’s John Batchelor makes it plain: Beck is an oaf, and a harmless one at that. A clip: What is Beck talking about? What is it that the folk who watch his afternoon TV show hear when he starts … Continue reading

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‘Dancing with whoever we could get’

Can’t remember who coined that on Twitter, but it’s absolutely on point. Oh, and while Bristol is getting her dance on? Levi will be running for mayor of Wasila (I think we’ve established that any idiot can do the job…) … Continue reading

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‘Who cares?’ explained

The answer may make folks cringe, and make for a good Marco Rubio web ad: … but there’s a reason why Charlie Crist won’t say who he’d caucus with. From PPP:

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Remainders: SoFla turnout woes, Greene’s $100 million suit, and McCollum’s not endorsing

I spoke to Jeff Greene Thursday, to find out what he thinks went wrong with his campaign, which at times seemed to be gaining momentum in the Democratic primary, but ultimately got just a third of the vote. Greene said … Continue reading

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