‘Aye, que dia’ for David Rivera, as his off-road scandal goes international

You know you’re having a bad day, when your uncomfortable local scandal goes international. For Republican House candidate (and Marco Rubio BFF) David Rivera, today is that day.

First, he gets tagged by CBS 4, which has now picked up the story first sleuthed by blogger Howie Klein. Next up, the Huffpo (and thanks for the link love, Sam Stein!)

But now, the Rivera story has slipped our national boundaries, popping up in the Spanish daily el Mundo goes one further than the Miami media has been willing to do, in that it takes the allegations of domestic violence — first raised by a Rivera opponent in 2002, and raised again by his rivals in the Republican primary this cycle, at face value. The story was filed by the paper’s correspondent in Miami. The story recounts the mail truck incident from 2002, states that Rivera “has had a history of domestic violence,” and recounts his repeated denials that he is friends with a businessman who has commercial ties with Cuba. The story goes on to point out the contradiction that Rivera “is popular among radical Cuban exiles because as a state representative, he pushed two bills that radically limit the travel of Cuban Americans to the island.” And it asks: “With all these ‘background’ the question on many voters is obvious: is qualified to be a congressman?”

Also making the cut at El Mundo: Kendrick Meek’s sandwich run with the POTUS, Jeff Greene’s Summerwind pit stop in Havana, Marco Rubio’s donor-funded hair cuts and car repairs (even calling Rubio a “political animal in the style of Bill Clinton, which can’t go over well in Rubioworld) and Bill McCollum, who gets the dubious distinction of being named the “ultimate political villain.”

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One Response to ‘Aye, que dia’ for David Rivera, as his off-road scandal goes international

  1. ASO says:

    So, youve seen his nude model photos? I know if I were looking for a superstar to lead my party, the first person Id turn to is a porn star. Good choice!

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