Blind items and rumor mills: the return of Michelle Spence Jones?

Gov. Charlie Crist and the woman he suspended: former Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones

Strictly for my locals: the rumor mill has it that dethroned Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence Jones, the silent presence lurking behind the Hardemon insurgency that’s backing (and in some instances being employed by) Jeff Greene in Liberty City, could soon be back.

How so? Spence-Jones, who seemed like a goner not too long ago, after Gov. Crist suspended her in the wake of grand theft charges, could very well be exonerated on allegations she stole county money. Why? Because Barbara Carey Shuler, the former commissioner who once was a mother figure to Spence Jones, before she threw her protege all the way under the bus — has changed her story, admitting she did indeed sign off on the transfer of public funds to Spence Jones’ family business. Oops! That leaves the incompetent Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office with no case.

If the rumor is true, Spence Jones could yet pry her seat out of the tightly clenched fists of Richard Dunn, and then she’d be free to officially endorse … wait for it … Jeff Greene. Always remember: when you think Eric Smith and the Liberty City Democrats, think MSJ.

Also churning in the mills: D17 Dime candidate Shirley Gibson, the mayor of Miami Gardens, may be about to sue attempted shadow House seat purchaser Rudy Moise, over a commercial that claims the law and order Gibson took “campaign cash” and then approved the zoning of a strip club. The claim seems false on its face, and Gibson, a former cop, is quite squeaky clean. Believe that. If she does sue, good for her. And while we’re at it, why won’t Rudy Moise talk in his TV ads?

Now for a blind item: one of the candidates involved in nasty primaries in the sunshine state may be about to be hit with an unpleasant item from their past, possibly involving gun-play. That’s all I’m sayin’ … Fasten your seatbelts!

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