P.M. clicks: Beck’s white pride problem, and the amazing, super-fantastic, disappearing oil

How does a gazillion gallons of oil just disappear? Good question. Maybe someone should ask BP’s lawyers.

Meanwhile, enjoy the cut-rate BP gasoline, if you can bear to belly up to the pump.

Hitchens don’t fear the reaper.

It took 3 months, but Charlie Crist has finally lost his mustache.

Jeb! will try to salvage Bill McCollum’s floundering campaign.

One of David Rivera’s primary opponents  launches an anti-Rivera website, putting all of Rivera’s sliminess in one convenient place.

And Kendrick Meek — who once was the presumed U.S. Senate nominee, with Bill Clinton for a friend, launches his “Real Dem bus tour” by casting himself as the underdog vs. Jeff Greene.

Glenn Beck sure knows how to deep-six a problem. Via Little Green Footballs, word that whoever runs Beck’s Twitter account has deleted ALL of his favorites, after one of them turned out to be an avowed white nationalist. Oops!

And speaking of prejudice, having been exposed as a rank, useless hypocrite, the ADL’s Abe Foxman backs down on the Ground Zero mosque, which now has all the permits needed to go forward. Foxman efforts an explanation of himself at the HuffPo.

There’s still plenty of crazy out there, of course, including some guy named Robert Kunst, president of the ironically-named Shalom International, who deposited the following drek into my and many other in-boxes this morning, announcing he’ll be throwing a protest not far from my house, in front of an old folks residential complex:

Bob Kunst, Pres. of Shalom International, will be doing our 320th rally/event today at 5P.M. on the corner of Pines Blvd. and Entrance to Century Village, in Pembroke Pines, since Oct. 2007, and 1215 news interviews later to “Keep Jerusalem United” and to “Fight Terrorism, Support Israel”.

Shalom International participated in the mass rally with thousands in NYC in June, to oppose the Mosque at ‘Ground Zero’, where Shalom International had already done two previous rallies there, including on Jan. 28, 2010 when we revealed Target Stores selling Globes with Israel not on it, but ‘palestine’ on those globes.

Today, Kunst will have a large sign: “NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO”,  as part of a national campaign on this issue and a national day of protests on Sept. 5, 2010, Shalom International is sponsoring, including in NYC near Ground Zero. The NYPD are finding us a spot as we write this.

Kunst: “Obama wants to divide Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000 yrs. and millions of Jews were murdered for and give it to the very people who danced in the streets after ’9/11′.”

“The Mosque at Ground Zero, is giving the Islamic Nazis a major victory, that has nothing to do with religious tolerance, as would dividing Jerusalem be the same outrageous victory for the Nazis, and Shalom International has been protesting against and will not allow. Both of these issues are supported by and funded by Saudi Arabia, responsible for ’9/11′ and pushing the division of Jerusalem, as well as Saudi Arabia behind over 15,000 Islamic Nazi attacks worldwide since ’9/11′, that’s killed Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists, other Muslims and all ‘infidels’.”

“Saudi Arabia is building mosques everywhere to spread Wahabism and to put this  mosque at the very sight when the Islamic world declared ‘war’ on America on ’9/11′, which is no different than the Japanese putting up a memorial at Pearl Harbor to their emperor,” or putting a disco at Auschwitz, which they have already done and we protested that as well, or swaztikas at the graves of U.S. killed and buried at Arlington Cemetary.

Shalom, indeed.

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  1. Flo says:

    But Charlie still has his beard….

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