Republicans for Alex Sink

From the in-box, the Sink campaign releases a list of Republicans in her corner.

Here’s the release:

Republican Elected Officials Line Up Behind Alex Sink

Tampa, FL – Republican elected officials are endorsing Alex Sink for Governor as the best candidate to lead Florida. Republicans, Democrats and Independents are responding to Alex Sink’s proven business experience and her detailed plans to create jobs and build a stronger economy.

Republican elected officials endorsing Alex Sink’s gubernatorial campaign include: West Palm Beach City Commission President Kimberly Mitchell, Orlando City Councilman Tony Ortiz, Okeechobee County Sheriff Paul May, Bradenton Mayor Wayne Poston, Aventura City Commissioner Luz Weinberg, Ft. Pierce Mayor Bob Benton, Palmetto Commissioner Brian Williams, Belleair Commissioner Tom Shelly, Atlantic Beach Mayor Mike Borno, and Ocala City Council Member Mary Rich.

“I am proud to have the support of so many Floridians, regardless of their party affiliation, who are ready for a stronger economy and a new day in our state,” said Alex Sink. “Voters of all parties are fed up with the partisanship, special interests, and politics as usual in Tallahassee and know that I will hold government accountable and get results for Florida.”

“Alex Sink has the experience and problem-solving approach that we need in our next Governor,” said West Palm Beach City Commission President Kimberly Mitchell. “Sink understands the needs of Florida’s business owners and will make sure the Florida’s small businesses have the right support to thrive and grow.”

“I am proud to stand behind Alex Sink and know she will lead Florida in the right direction,” said Orlando City Councilman Tony Ortiz. “I am especially impressed with Alex’s work to protect Floridians — especially our seniors — from fraud, and I know she will work hard to keep our communities and state safe.”

“Alex Sink is the right kind of common-sense leader that Florida needs right now and a strong supporter of law enforcement,” said Okeechobee County Sheriff Paul May. “Alex will make sure that our state is moving forward, people are getting back to work, and she’ll put an end to the partisan bickering in Tallahassee.”

“Alex Sink has shown that she will work with local elected officials and see us as partners as we work to grow our economy and remake our state,” said Bradenton Mayor Wayne Poston. “Alex understands what it’s going to take to get our state back on track and I’m proud to support her.”

“With such a solid business background and passion for education, I strongly feel that Alex Sink will build a stronger Florida, focusing on our economy and our kids’ education,” said Aventura Commissioner Luz Weinberg. “Alex knows how to use Florida’s diversity to strengthen our economy, and she brings real life experience and skills to the Governor’s Office.”

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2 Responses to Republicans for Alex Sink

  1. Sean Foreman says:

    Not sure that this will translate into other Republicans supporting Sink, but it is interesting to see several elected officials (albeit from relatively small municipalities) jumping on board with her.

  2. Joy-Ann Reid says:

    I know, and what's with the like half dozen Republicans who have said no thanks to being his LG? Unity on paper, distance in practice…

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