The Florida races: head-scratchers and page turners **RE-UPDATED**

Partying like a rock star on the Summerwind?

Lose a gubernatorial primary, gain a lieutenant governor’s birth? The scuttle around Florida had once been that if he lost his bid for attorney general, youthful Dave Aronberg would be the odds-on favorite to be tapped as Alex Sink’s LG. Not anymore.

RE-UPDATE: Now, the talk is about 2006 losing gubernatorial primary candidate Rod Smith. Yeah. Rod Smith. Mr. wack commercials. Geographic diversity? No check. He’s from Gainesville, she lives in Tampa, works in Tallahassee, and is originally from North Carolina. Ideological diversity? Again, no check. Both are conservative Dems. The Times story had suggested Southeast Florida’s own Dan Gelber, who himself was reportedly in the running for LG, urged Sink to pick Smith, though a very good source knocked that one down for me yesterday.

What stands however, is that Sink’s selection won’t help her with Democratic activists, particularly in South Florida, who had long been unhappy with Sink’s formerly lackluster run. Why not just pick hapless old Jim Davis and really bore the electorate into submission?

ORIGINAL UPDATE: Looks like the announcement is coming on Thursday, and the location does seem to indicate that it will be Smith, who ran for office as Mr. PBA back in 2006:

Tampa, FL - Florida CFO and Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink will make a major announcement regarding her campaign at an event with supporters in West Palm Beach this Thursday.  The event will be at held at the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association (PBA).

Over to the Senate race, where the Broward New Times has the latest dirt on Jeff Greene’s “party yacht,” in the form of a “first-person account” from a woman who worked on the Summerwind as a stewardess. (Caution, pics NSFW.) To be fair, the lady worked there for like, three weeks, and Greene was a (rich) bachelor at the time. And not for nothing, but a society that made an entire family, the Kardashians, plus Paris Hilton, famous for absolutely no reason other than getting naked, having sex on tape and partying, really probably deserves for its political candidates to be straight out of MTV…

Back to politics:

Big corporate donors are throwing money at Bill McCollum to try and derail Rick Scott’s disaster candidacy for Florida governor.

Marco Rubio thinks you can fix education with tax cuts (plus whatever else Jeb Bush tells him to do.)

The Miami Herald trekked to Delray Beach yesterday for the first of three Bill Clinton-Kendrick Meek rallies, and despite the fact that the venue is smack dab in the middle of the black community, it appears the crowd that gathered there was elderly, white/Jewish, and there to see Bill Clinton, while many weren’t sure who this Kendrick Meek guy was. Yeesh…

Meanwhile, while Kendrick was stumping with Big Bill, Jeff Greene was partying again … only this time it was in Meek’s backyard, with black voters in Liberty City. And he praised Meek’s mom, who he’s been body slamming in his ads… Yeah. This is definitely the strangest Democratic primary I’ve seen since I’ve been in Florida.

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  1. Rupert says:

    I didn’t know a Democratic primary without Buddy McKay could be so crazy!

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