Today’s Herald column: ‘mosque fever running high’

The future location of the Park 51/Cordoba House mosque/community center.

I’ve already gotten more emails on this one than usual for before 9 a.m. The topic: you guessed it — the Cordoba House controversy. The open:

With the stakes running high in political races nationwide — and the fate of the economy, the Gulf and our very future hanging in the balance — politicians from the president on down put all else aside this week to comment on the seminal issue of our time: the disposition of the old Burlington Coat Factory in lower Manhattan.

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Meanwhile …

A reader writes to remind me that I left off one often demonized group: the non-religious. Very good point and well taken. Most of the comments I’ve gotten on the piece have been very positive, particularly from Muslim brothers and sisters who appreciate the occasional non-hysterical reaction to their existence. But of course, I’ve also gotten stuff like this:

I to was born in Brooklyn, but obviously it must have been a more conservative location.
Your wandering column on Mosque fever ignores the fact that….
There is an evil component to Islam, that no gooey lets get along liberal sentiment will overcome if they advance.
My suggestion is you read the history of Islam.

As for the stance of our Deceiver in Chief, read below.

Cheers and vote for Marco Rubio !

I’m embarrassed for this person, and so won’t even publish their first name. Two words for them, though: “Christian … crusades…” look it up. And the word “to” in your email should be “too…” nit-picky, but true. And I’ve got $100 bucks that says this person has never read a single thing about Islam that wasn’t promoted by Glenn Beck. (sigh)

Meanwhile, from Chris Cillizza, details from a new Pew poll that shows an increase in the number of Americans who think President Obama is a Muslim … because they’re dumb. Okay, maybe “dumb” is too harsh. Let’s just say, they’re “partisan…”

And as the LATimes points out:

A small fraction of Americans — 18% — mistakenly think Obama is Muslim, although that’s up from 11% early last year, according to the telephone poll of 3,003 random adults from July 21-Aug. 5.

But buried within the very same poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press is an historically more striking finding:

Nearly four years after he entered the nation’s political scene in a significant way and nearly 19 months after he took the oath of office before many millions of excited witnesses, nearly half of Barack Obama’s countrymen are unaware of what religion their president is.

From annual reports they know about his blood pressure, cholesterol levels, his income tax statements, fondness for pies and even his unhealthy private smoking habit.

But a plurality of Americans — 43% — currently say they do not know his religious faith. That number is….

…up from 34% in just one year. Despite “In God We Trust” all over U.S. money and “God bless America” at the end of most political speeches, legal separation of church and state is an honored tradition in these United States. News photos of presidents exiting church, often carrying a Bible, were once a Sabbath staple, as they regularly are during the seemingly eBill and Hillary Clinton walk to church during his presidencyndless American presidential campaigns when candidates frequently address the congregation.

The same rule, however, does not apply to separation of church and politics. Most Americans have traditionally expected their politicians at least to pretend to be religious as a sign of possessing personal values and character, despite regular hypocrisies and moral offenses.

A president couldn’t be Roman Catholic until John F. Kennedy in 1961. And we may soon see if U.S. voters are as ready to accept a Mormon in the nation’s top elective office as they were an African American in 2008. Even divorce was a bar to office for the first 39 presidents until Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Since Obama is unwilling to do religiosity theater, he must be a Muslim, say one in five, and about half become just confused.

Jesus, take the wheel.

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2 Responses to Today’s Herald column: ‘mosque fever running high’

  1. Rupert says:

    The part of your Herald column I like in particular is that you were in the area and looked around. I don’t think that either Palin or Gingrich did that before spouting their bigotry. There is so much misinformation out there about the location.

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