What McCain threw away

Politico has a top of the fold piece on John McCain, and the ways in which his “by any means necessary” primary against J.D. Hayworth could damage his legacy. The article could have been written about the 2008 election, in which McCain jettisoned his image as a maverick for that of an angry old man. McCain’s race to the hard right is all the more interesting for its marked contrast with his onetime friend and politically ally Charlie Crist, who has shifted from center-right, Reagan Republican, to Obamaphilic Independent. Ironically, both could win the day. But only one of them appears to be having a good time.

ICYMI, the St. Pete Times did a piece last week on the dichotomy between the two men, and what the 2010 election cycle has done to each.

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2 Responses to What McCain threw away

  1. I absolutely do not understand why it's so important to McCain to continue his political career. If I had his money, I would never get up in the morning.

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