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Obama vows to help the ‘great American middle class’

… is it too little, to late? The weekly address: And the story, from the Wapo, and the Wall Street Journal. And yet …

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You travel on the public dime! Joe Wilson facing ethics probe

More over, Charlie Rangel! … The South Carolina Republican congressman most famous for shouting at the president during State of the Union address, is about to be famous for something else: using your tax dollars to take lots and lots … Continue reading

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Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man!

John Batchelor ponders the Orange Revolution, as John Boehner and the ‘Young Guns’ gaze into the mirror, and see Genius…

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Quantifying the ‘enthusiasm gap’

As Public Policy Polling makes clear, it isn’t love of Republicans that’s screwing Democrats this year … it’s Democratic voters refusing to get in gear: Race Most Recent Poll 2010 Electorate Most Recent Poll w/2008 Electorate 2008 Result Enthusiasm Gap … Continue reading

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Rick Scott on privatizing Medicare: ‘Let us make a profit. So what?’ Plus: irradiate the elderly … cheaply

If you’re running for governor in a state full of old people, it’s probably helpful if you’re not on record as wanting to take away their social safety net. It’s also probably not helpful if you want to hand their … Continue reading

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Before she was Rick Scott’s running-mate, Jennifer Carroll slammed him on ‘personal gain’

Is Jennifer Carroll’s support for Rick Scott as phony as her mail-order degree? The Crowley Report messes up the Scott-Carroll honeymoon with a bit of video, and reminiscence. During a meeting of Clay County Republicans last month, Carroll told the … Continue reading

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Joe Miller’s world without Social Security, and a warning to ‘unenthusiastic’ progressives

On CNN this week, Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller (a K-Street funded candidate in the tea party mold,) made it plain: he would like to see a world without Social Security, starting with every child born after the day … Continue reading

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