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(Video) Obama bashes Boehner, says GOP ‘holding middle class hostage’

Tax cuts for the rich, tin cups for the middle class, and hatred and division for all. Barack Obama said “thanks but no thanks” to all of that in his second major speech on the economy in as many days … Continue reading

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Flashback: John ‘Bailout’ Boehner cries, begs colleagues to vote FOR bank bailout

Do you remember the time… tea parties? John Boehner wasn’t just in favor of the TARP bailout for Wall Street, which was signed by the president … what was his name again… oh, right, George W. Bush! on October 4, … Continue reading

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Tsunami watch: Boxer up 48/44 over Fiorina, Conway tied with Paul

More from that pundit head-scratcher of a poll from TIME/CNN (which the pundits will surely dismiss because it deigns to survey registered, rather than “likely” voters, whatever that means. The poll finds Barbara Boxer close, but ahead of Catty Carly … Continue reading

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CNN/TIME Poll: Sink up 7, Senate a dead heat

A new TIME/CNN poll shows Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink opening up a seven-point lead over Medicare fraud All-Star Rick Scott, and Marco Rubio clinging to a two-point lead, within the margin of error, over Charlie Crist, with Kendrick Meek … Continue reading

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Tea Party Republicans trying to push Snitker out of FL Senate race?

I just spoke to Libertarian/Tea Party U.S. Senate candidate Alex Snitker, who I’ve been saying for some time has the potential to hurt Marco Rubio in November, even if he polls at just 3 or 4 percent. The Buzz broke … Continue reading

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Text: The president’s remarks in Ohio

The following are the remarks delivered by President Barack Obama in Cleveland Ohio on Wednesday, as he continued to push his jobs agenda, and to reject GOP calls to extend the tax cuts for the richest Americans: Remarks of President … Continue reading

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Sink, Scott, other Florida candidates (finally) weigh in on ‘Burn a Koran’ stunt **UPDATED**

From the in-box, Alex Sink has issued a statement condemning the planned “Burn a Koran Day” at the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL, associating herself with Gen. Petraeus’ warnings about the publicity stunt: “I stand with General Petraeus in … Continue reading

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In Quran burning controversy, Angelina Jolie to the rescue? **UPDATE: A Florida pol (finally) weighs in

So… this pastor won’t listen to General Petraeus, but he might be convinced not to inflame the Muslim world by burning Qurans on 9/11 by the woman who nicked Jen Aniston’s man? Jolie was asked about the controversy while on … Continue reading

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@SaintPetersblog: Kendrick Meek, ‘new media’ and the perils of netrootlessness

Peter Schrsch reacts to the Kendrick Meek campaign’s dismissal of its new media director, Kenny Quinnell, and challenges the myth of a Florida netroots. At issue: does a campaign that doesn’t seem to “get” new media even need a new … Continue reading

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Obama to hold the line on Bush tax cuts for the rich

President Obama has found his campaign message, and it is this: me and my party are for the middle class, Republicans are for the rich. It’s a risky message, in that it gives Republicans an opening to cry “class warfare,” … Continue reading

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