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Democrats’ seven card pick-up

At the WaPo, Chris Cillizza examines the seven House races that could change the calculus for Democrats in November, and guess which Fidel desperado from Florida made the cut?

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Boehner tries to walk back from the blink

It’s on. John Boehner broke this morning under the terrifying interrogation of Bob Schieffer, saying he’d vote to extend just the tax cuts for the middle class and leave aside the cuts for CEOs “if that’s the only way” to … Continue reading

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#FLSen roundup: Hey, Florida Dems, here’s a thought: campaign against Marco Rubio!

Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell explains it all. Democrats in Florida would do well to stop agonizing over Meek and Charlie and start firing on all cylinders against the guy they’re all against: Marco Rubio. The upshot: Here’s what Democrats … Continue reading

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The Democrats can’t win the midterms, but Barack Obama can do it for them

Frank Rich’s column is a must-read today (as it usually is.) He agrees with me, it turns out, that the bleatings of the punditocracy aside, all is not lost for Democrats in November, if their best clutch player, Barack Obama, … Continue reading

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Under fire for corporate ties, Boehner blinks on tax cuts for the rich

Corporate America’s man in Washington, John Boehner, who hopes to ride his lobbyist ties to the Speakership, seemed to blink on the issue of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans on Sunday, saying he’d agree to extending only the tax … Continue reading

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A chart Democrats should share with every American, every day

The Democratic argument in one simple chart. If I’m the DNC communications office, this is my midterm mail piece: Now, in case you’re not a chart nerd like myself, here’s the simple, plain English explanation of the above chart, which … Continue reading

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