A chart Democrats should share with every American, every day

The Democratic argument in one simple chart. If I’m the DNC communications office, this is my midterm mail piece:

Now, in case you’re not a chart nerd like myself, here’s the simple, plain English explanation of the above chart, which was compiled by economist Larry Bartels and launched into the blogosphere by Ezra Klein: “from 1945 on, Americans at all income levels made more under Democrats, while only the very rich made more money under Republicans.” Shorter version: if you’re not in the top 5 percent of income earners in this country and you’re voting Republican, you need to change your medication, because it’s not working.

A more wonkish explanation can be found at Slate, for my nerd brethren (plus a slightly simpler explanation here)

Also at Slate: Obama versus the hostage-takers. And at ThinkProgress, Matt Yglesias wonders why “moderate” Democrats don’t simply run to the clearly popular position: namely, the one in which most Americans agree we don’t need to cut rich people’s taxes.

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One Response to A chart Democrats should share with every American, every day

  1. Mike says:

    Bartel’s methodology is interesting but fatally overly-simplistic. See here for my critique: http://sovereignmind.wordpress.com/2010/09/11/how-to-mislead-with-charts-whos-responsible-for-the-great-divergence/

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