Bishop Eddie Long vows to fight sex charges

Without directly addressing — or for that matter denying — the scandalous sex charges against him from four young men from his church, Atlanta-area pastor Bishop Eddie Long took to the pulpit Sunday, saying he’s “not a perfect man,” but vowing to fight.

The AJC live-blogged the two church services this morning, including the first service, at which Rev. Bernice King, daughter of MLK, spoke. Among other things, Long likened himself to David fighting Goliath (he didn’t specify whether he was fighting him while wearing a red leotard…) Here’s the relevant clip:

He then held a brief press conference, at which he took no questions, and issued the following statement:

“On the advice of counsel, I am not going to address the allegations and the attacks. I want this to be dealt with in the court of justice not the court of public opinion. I am going to fight. Fight very vigorously. Things New Birth has stood for … we will continue to do.”

Here’s the video:

Here’s the full AJC story.

And now for some things Pastor Long isn’t going to like. First up, the Manning Report, in which a fellow “pastor” — and really, I use the term lightly — Pastor James Manning, says he had his suspicions about Long from the get-go, and he gets quite specific on his opinions about why a man might want to show off his “flesh” and “buff appearance.” And then he says Fox News is guilty of “Ku Klux Klan racism” for not covering the story. It pretty much goes downhill from there. Enjoy:

And on a more serious note, CBS News delves into some of the practices at New Birth, including something called a “sex self-check card.” Seriously.

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