Crist or Meek: make up your minds, people

Senate candidates Kendrick Meek and Charlie Crist plough the same territory at the annual Florida AFL-CIO picnic on Labor Day.

Time’s up, people. My column in today’s Miami Herald, in which I present the case for each candidate, and ask, nicely, that Democrats, independents and moderate Republicans who aren’t voting for Marco Rubio (or Alex Snitker) to get off the dime. Read it here.

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One Response to Crist or Meek: make up your minds, people

  1. Robert says:

    Meeks should get out of the race immediately, A vote for Meeks will be a vote for Rubio.

    Crist should ask Meeks for a meeting and let him know that we will work very hard for the people of Flordia and not just the Dem (or) Rebulicans. If Meeks agrees all the demoncrats brass should get behind Crist to Win. Even if Meeks must support him openly on TV. The other choice is must worst.

    Then Meek should run for Governor of Florida and Crist should help him win.

    This works out fine for them both I think. Because Meeks can always run later when all this Tea Party mess move on.

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