#FLSen roundup: Hey, Florida Dems, here’s a thought: campaign against Marco Rubio!

Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell explains it all. Democrats in Florida would do well to stop agonizing over Meek and Charlie and start firing on all cylinders against the guy they’re all against: Marco Rubio. The upshot:

Here’s what Democrats seem to be missing: They don’t have to choose.

All they have to do is make sure Republican Marco Rubio doesn’t get more than 33 percent of the vote. One of the other two would win automatically.

Great Scott! I think he may be onto something…

Read Maxwell’s column here.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party of Florida is refusing to release their credit card spending spree audit, but what they’d really like you to focus on is that they’re also threatening to sue Charlie Crist over expenses they once said were just fine and dandy, and Charlie’s team fires back, with a helpful reminder of just which of the three guys running for the United States Senate is under federal investigation. (Hint: he’s young, Hispanic and stealing his ideas from Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan…)

And indications are that Team Crist isn’t through beating up on Marco over his big-spending ways.

Over at Saint Petersblog, Peter Schorsch has a novel idea that’s so crazy it might work: he says Charlie Crist should endorse Alex Sink. Other Republicans are sure to do it, and he did used to be one … plus Sink is winning big with independents, like Crist is now, so why not?

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