Get out of New York, Terry Jones! (UPDATE: and get yourself a good lawyer)

As a native born New Yorker, and as an American, I want this cowardly, right wing terrorist SOB out of New York City. His presence is a disgrace to this country, and a slap in the face of everyone who died on 9/11. (UPDATED: He may also be a crook. After the jump, did Jones use his “church” as collateral to buy property for himself?)

Jones lied about having secured a deal to not burn Qurans in exchange for the Park 51 center being moved … He lied about being lied to about such a “deal” by Muhammad Musri, imam of the Islamic Society of Central Florida … He lied about being promised a meeting with the imam behind the Park 51 project. His real reason for going to New York today was to be on the “Today Show.” Jones used his stupid publicity stunt, which turns out to have been born of an escalating mental breakdown on Twitter, to try and sell copies of his idiotic book. And he used it to grab the attention of the world for his 50-person cult, which now has no Internet provider, no insurance, and soon, no property. He’s in the process of losing everything because of his hubris, and has managed to shame himself before the world. And he tried to take the lives of American troops fighting in Afghanistan and still in danger in Iraq, down with him. And now that the damage has already been done, he claims he’ll “never, ever” burn a Quran, and is in New York practically begging for a meeting with the imam, who should summarily ignore, and refuse to dignify him with an audience, even if it was just to spit on him.

I rarely agree with Gov. David Patterson, who has been a stellar disappointment as New York governor. But on this one, he’s right:

“Who’s going to be the next person looking for their next 15 minutes of fame? I’m appalled by it,” Gov. Paterson said Saturday. “More and more, particularly this year, I feel that the memory of those who were lost is being disrespected.”

Get out of my city, Jones. Today, of all days, you have no business staining the streets of New York with your presence. Go back to Gainesville … if they’ll have you … and start figuring out where you’re gonna move your stuff.

Flashback: just a few days ago, Jones sent out this email to his “supporters,” whoever they are, vowing to burn Qurans even after being threatened with losing his church:

RBC Bank calls in mortgage – BUT WE WILL STILL BURN KORANS
Cottons All-Lines cancels insurance – BUT WE WILL STILL BURN KORANS
We will proceed with the Koran Burning Event, Saturday 9/11, 6-9pm, as planned.

RBC Bank called in our mortgage with a limited time to pay it off. Now Cottons All-lines Insurance has also cancelled our commercial insurance on our property putting our mortgage in immediate default. We need to raise the $140,000 to pay off the RBC loan immediately.

We need your help! Please send as generous a donation as possible.

Make checks payable to Dove World Outreach Center,
or use our Paypal donation link on the main page of our website here..

Thank you for your prayers and support.
Call or send us an email at iwith your thoughts and questions. Stay in touch!

Dr. Terry Jones – Senior Pastor

But of course, that was a bluff, intended to generate income for him and his wife, who run that “church” like another Jones, deceased, whose first name was Jim …

UPDATE: It also now appears that Mr. Jones and his wife, who were known to have twice (in Germany and in Gainesville) used the forced labor of church members for their for-profit businesses, may have used the Dove World Outreach Center’s property to fund the purchase of private property for themselves. Firedoglake followed up on a Gainesville Sun report from last week, which dug into the Jones’ personal financial portfolio and found the following:

The Joneses or their corporation, TS and Company, own six properties in the Gainesville neighborhoods of Pineridge and Phoenix, purchased between March 2006 and August 2007 for a combined total of $647,500. Financing information was not available. In addition, Terry and Sylvia Jones bought a home in Slidell, La., in January 2007 for $303,900. They also own a condo in the Paradise Island Towers Condo on Treasure Island, which was bought before Jones’ first wife died.

Now, FDL’s Jim White adds this:

I have searched the public records in Alachua County and found mortgage records that are a close match to the information the Sun produced on purchase records. In addition, I found mortgage records on the Dove World Outreach church property itself that show a large mortgage being taken out on the church property just 27 days before the first residential property was mortgaged in Jones’ name. These records create the impression that Jones used the mortgage of church property to fuel the purchase of a large amount of residential property in his own name.

And even more curious:

… Presumably, the Dove property was fully paid off when Jones took over as president of the corporation in 2005. A mortgage of $25,000 was taken out by Dove Charismatic Ministries on January 30,2006 and then a much larger mortgage of $285,000 was taken out on June 1, 2006, just 27 days before the first of the residential mortgages in Jones’ name.

Perhaps there is an innocent explanation for this, but these transactions certainly suggest a situation in which a small, trial mortgage on the fully paid off property was taken out in early 2006 and then when that went well, a much larger one was taken out. The proceeds of this larger mortgage would seem to be more than adequate to cover down payments and other assorted fees for the residential properties which were purchased. If these properties were purchased as church investments, why are the mortgages in Jones’ name and not the church’s?

So now that Jones is about to lose the Dove property, the mortgage having been called by RBC Bank, what happens to his and his wife’s “personal” properties? Shouldn’t this guy be investigated for mortgage fraud?

Bottom line: Jones needs to get the hell out of New York, and go back to Gainesville and handle his business. First things first: he’d better get himself a good lawyer.

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6 Responses to Get out of New York, Terry Jones! (UPDATE: and get yourself a good lawyer)

  1. Brad Barrett says:

    Have you read the Koran? I have, and have found just over 190 passages that directly encourage and command violence against non-believers, Jews, and Christians. I’m not religious AT ALL — thank god — but the Koran has no moral value in a civilized Western world. In fact, Sharia Law is, by definition, anti-American. So I don’t know who it is you think the enemy is, but take a vacation in Saudi Arabia with your Bible and tell us how it goes.

    • jreid says:

      Have you read the Bible? I have, and it’s got at least as much violence (war and murder, plus slavery and rape!) But thanks for playing. From now on, I’m thinking every right wing Christian should be forced to answer for Terry Jones (and Tim McVeigh…)

  2. Rupert says:

    Brad says he’s not religious at all, yet has read the Koran and has counted 190 passages, blah blah blah.
    Please Brad, are we supposed to believe such a tale?
    The idea, Brad, is to not play into the enemy’s hands. Go ahead, Brad, burn whatever you want, but do it in privacy.

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