In Quran burning controversy, Angelina Jolie to the rescue? **UPDATE: A Florida pol (finally) weighs in

So… this pastor won’t listen to General Petraeus, but he might be convinced not to inflame the Muslim world by burning Qurans on 9/11 by the woman who nicked Jen Aniston’s man? Jolie was asked about the controversy while on a P.R. push back to a really nasty tell-all good will trip to Pakistan, where people kind of have other things on their minds… This modern world …

Meanwhile, the leader of a German congregation founded by Terry Jones — but which gave him the boot in the 1980s, says they’re shocked, but not surprised, by what he’s planning to do. And another Gainesville church is planning an interfaith unity service this afternoon. (Watch it LIVE here.)

UPDATE: A Florida politician finally weighs in:

Statement from Representative Dwight M. Bullard (Florida House District 18):

“As a member of the Florida Legislature and resident of the state of Florida, I am outraged and embarrassed that any of our residents would advocate the practice of burning copies of the Qur’an in a manner of disrespect and intolerance.

I took an oath to uphold the constitution of the State of Florida and the United States of America. And while I believe strongly in citizens rights to protest, I believe we have an even greater moral obligation to protect the freedom of religion on which this country is founded.

I encourage my colleagues in the Florida House of Representatives to admonish this utterly disrespectful protest and to do what you can to see that September 11 continues as a day of remembrance and not an occasion for outbursts of hatred.”

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2 Responses to In Quran burning controversy, Angelina Jolie to the rescue? **UPDATE: A Florida pol (finally) weighs in

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  2. Todd Stiff says:

    The local fire department has taken the position that the ink in the books makes them hazardous materials which prohibits their burning. Damn, I was gonna bring my Boy Scout Manual and several old Popular Mechanics that I needed to get rid of.

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