Jeff Atwater is OUTRAGED about a building in NYC; ‘disappointed’ by Quran burning in Fla; Plus: Interpol issues warning

Jeff Atwater, the Republican looking to take over for Alex Sink as Florida CFO, released a statement finally, on where he stands on the Gainesville cult’s Quran bonfire, planned for two days from now. He does the Beck/Boehne/Palin equivalence dance, linking the Dove Outreach debacle to the building of the Park 51 project far away in Manhattan. But his moral outrage scale appears to be slightly off-kilter:

Atwater managed to tie his “outrage” about the proposal to build an Islamic center a few blocks away from Ground Zero in New York City to his “disappointment” that Gainesville minister Terry Jones wants to burn Korans.

His statement is below:

Hatred, intolerance, and insensitivity to the traditions of others are not American values.

Just as I have been outraged by a proposal to build a mosque in the sacred area of New York City where thousands of innocent victims are entombed forever, I am disappointed to see a fellow Floridian advocating the burning of a sacred religious text.

With tens of thousands of American troops serving in countries where the population is predominantly Muslim, I am horrified to know that this stunt will actually put our service men and women in danger.

To better reflect our nation’s values and in the interest of protecting American lives abroad, I call upon minister Terry Jones to show the world that Americans do not simply speak about religious freedom, we live by these words as well.

Meanwhile, the international law enforcement agency Interpol actually IS outraged by the bonfire plans, and they’ve issued a global alert about possible reprisals from the 9/11 stunt.

This as a new poll shows Americans’ favorable attitudes toward Islam at their lowest level since the terror attacks of 2001. Wonder why …

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