Morning clicks: toward a banana Republic?

Paul Krugman sorts out the GOP (having dealt with the whiney, angry rich in his previous column.) Bottom line: the real “Pledge to America” is to attain power by any means necessary, even if the proposals they’re putting forward are based on non-existent math, and then move on to the real agenda: privatizing and dismantling Social Security and Medicare. Good luck with that.

Over at the WaPo, Eugene Robinson chimes in, labels the GOP the party of nonsense.

And Dana Milbank chimes in, labeling them the “foundering fathers.”

An AP analysis suggests the “Pledge” might have been a good idea… for Democrats.

Meanwhile, in the main pages, the Times unmasks yet another Republican “issue advocacy” front group: Americans for Job Security, and all the ironies that name entails.

I think this counts as proof that Bob McDonnell wants to run for president some day…

If you want to understand why there’s an enthusiasm gap, you need only look here.

Activists spot the disconnect between what the White House is saying about DADT repeal, and what his Justice Department is doing.

Things to look forward to: Stephen Colbert testifying on Capitol Hill.

Michelle Obama goes to bat for jobless veterans, and for their families.

Mary Landrieu: still the offshore drillers’ best friend.

A no sh- Sherlock poll from the AP finds that most Americans dislike both parties, but those who dislike Democrats are more motivated to vote.

Plus: meet the latest niche voting group: the IINOs: “Independents in Name Only,” who are expected to vote big for the Republicans in November.

To Florida, where Alan Boyd plays the chicken-sh… Democrat card.

And Rick Scott recruits student volunteers via e-school. Problem is, he’s not allowed to do that.

Making amends: Bud Chiles stumps for Alex Sink.

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