Sunshine State News’ Kenric Ward responds to voter demo questions (sort of)

The editor of Sunshine State News says Democratic strategist Steve Schale “clarified” his bogus reporting on the voter demographics in the state his website covers. Kenric Ward, who also writes a partisan blog on the site, as well as several features, seemed to only vaguely acknowledge that SSN had gotten the facts wrong when he wrote on Monday that:

Democratic Party operative Steve Schale clarified Florida party registration figures in our “Generic Ballot” story. Instead of a 44-43 Democratic-Republican split, Schale noted that it’s actually 42-36, with 22 percent “other.”

Either breakdown “is still way too partisan for an Election Day model,” Schale said in an e-mail.

“On Election Day, the state will be something closer to 41-41-18,” Schale predicted.

Sunshine State News pollster Jim Lee was quoted in the story as forecasting a 4-point Election Day advantage for Republicans in light of how respondents identified themselves in recent polling. In those surveys, 45 percent called themselves Republicans vs. 41 percent Democrat.

Ward added that “we’ll see” who’s more accurate on election day.

But in fact, as The Reid Report discoveredlast week, no clarification from Schale was necessary, since the actual percentage of Democrats, Republicans and third party/unaffiliated voters was easily searchable on the Division of Elections website. And the question wasn’t about whether SSN’s Republican pollster got his sample skewed, it was about SSN itself, which posted a story, written by Kenric Ward, that reported bogus party registration numbers as fact, outside the confines of the poll.

And SSN, which is increasingly showing its conservative colors in its editorial slant, has yet to answer the question of who funds it — though the business interests and lobbies that advertise on the site pretty much speak for themselves.

Read the TRR investigation of SSN here.

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2 Responses to Sunshine State News’ Kenric Ward responds to voter demo questions (sort of)

  1. Nancy Smith says:

    I am the executive editor of Sunshine State News. Kenric Ward is not an editor, as you say above, he is our senior political correspondent. I’m sorry that during your investigation you didn’t give me a call. I could have saved you some work. I can see you guys are not regular readers. Otherwise it wouldn’t have come as such a shock to you that this is a conservative organization. At any rate, this is an open invitation to phone me whenever you like. Oh, yes, and you might want to share this with your readers:


    Nancy Smith

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