(Video) Eddie Long accuser speaks out, plus: ex-wife’s charges

Two of Bishop Eddie Long’s accusers spoke to the Fox affiliate in Atlanta, and they’re telling a tale that’s becoming all-too familiar: a religious leader allegedly seducing young men, after grooming them from a young age. Bossip snagged the video of one accuser, Jamal Parris, who said he and the other young men became almost like “slaves”:

Parris described Long as being almost “like a drug,” addicting his “sons” to the money, cars, gifts and trips he offered them, until they were no longer of use, and then discarding them. Among the allegations: that Long had sex with Parris in the church, and that church funds were used to purchase trinkets for the young men. He also says he was a recipient of some of the now-infamous leotard cellphone pictures. Watch part 2 of the Fox 5 Atlanta inverview:

Another of the young men, Spencer LeGrande, who became Long’s fourth accuser, is also talking, but not in nearly as much detail as Parris, who reportedly wrote about what he went through with the Bishop on his Facebook page. Long continues to deny the allegations.

The story has many of the hallmarks of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals, and according to the reporter who obtained the interview with Parris, there may be more allegations coming.


But wait, there’s more: Long’s ex-wife has also come forward, accusing Long of physical abuse during their brief marriage, including when she was pregnant with the couple’s only child.

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  1. On the scale from “Creepy” to “Intriguing” – this story lies somewhere around “Jerry Springer.” I can’t get enough, even though I don’t want any more…

  2. August says:

    I’m going with just “creepy.”

  3. Strange this publish is totaly unrelated to what I used to be searching google for, but it used to be listed on the first page. I guess your doing one thing right if Google likes you sufficient to place you on the first page of a non comparable search.

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