(Video) Joe Garcia hits Rivera on mail truck road rage

The new spot highlights the 2002 incident in which Rivera was cited for forcing a mail truck carrying his then-opponent’s flyers off the road, and calls the Republican House candidate “an accident waiting to happen.” Watch:

Team Garcia released the ad with the following press release today:

MIAMI – On Wednesday, the Joe Garcia for Congress campaign launched a television ad titled “News” (Click here to watch the ad). The 30 second spot highlights a CBS 4 investigative report on David Rivera’s attempt to hijack a mail delivery truck on Miami’s busy Palmetto Expressway that carried his opponent’s campaign fliers. As both CBS 4 and the Miami Herald have reported, David Rivera has lied about the attack and has even misrepresented the contents of the police report. A “fact check” of Rivera’s deceiving statements is attached to this e-mail.

The Garcia campaign has launched an accompanying website with the ad, http://DavidRiveraTruth.com to inform voters of Rivera’s dangerous and reckless past.

Giancarlo Sopo, spokesman for the Joe Garcia campaign, issued the following statement regarding the ad:

“People have a right to know about David Rivera’s disregard for innocent lives. As news outlets, witnesses and a police report all confirm, David Rivera used his car to force a mail delivery truck, carrying his opponent’s fliers, off the Palmetto Expressway during rush-hour traffic. Rivera’s reckless attempt to hide the content of those fliers endangered the lives of innocent drivers on their way home. Rivera has shown no remorse for his recklessness as he continues to lie about it. David Rivera is dangerous and unfit to represent our families in Congress.”

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