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(Audio) Sharron Angle tries to talk tea party candidate out of the race **UPDATE

Sharron Angle is not sure she can win if a tea party candidate stays in the Nevada Senate race. She thinks Christine O’Donnell is the tea party real deal, but she’s not so sure about Marco Rubio. And she knows … Continue reading

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(Video) Brilliant mash-up: Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck

From Rebellious Pixels (with a hat tip to Paddy at The Political Carnival) this is fantastic work, and explains precisely the way Beck operates. Watch: And then read this, in which Frank Rich explains the bigger picture, on how the … Continue reading

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Epic Fail Award: Corrine Brown’s cynical act of self-preservation

I’ve decided to start something called the Epic Fail Awards, to be handed out to the politicians, candidates and campaigns who seem bent on screwing things up — for themselves, or even worse, for us. In the “shameless self-promotion” category, … Continue reading

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Florida remainders: Thomas cools to Marco, gay adoption in A.G. crosshairs & how not to turn into a purple frog

Has the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Thomas cooled to Marco Rubio, the “thinking man’s tea party candidate?” It seems Thomas has noticed that Rubio, who is as much the creature of electoral pragmatist Jeb Bush as he is the scion of … Continue reading

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Come on people: could this man really be governor of Florida?

It’s a question a lot of Floridians are scratching their heads while asking themselves. Given Rick Scott’s sordid history — his company’s criminal behavior has been enshrined in business ethics textbooks under the heading “what not to do” for Christ … Continue reading

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