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Epic Fail Award: GOP’s WV casting call seeks ‘hicky’ look

Remember that ad above? It’s running in West Virginia which the pundits said could be fatal to Joe Manchen, because it depicts regular dudes who like Manchen, but want to keep him from getting tainted in Washington (so they should … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Crist, Meek gang up on Rubio in second debate

And I did miss it, since I’m out of town and Blackberry no likey streaming Internet, so I’ll have to watch it later on and get back to you on this one… So here’s Politico’s write-up…

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The Willie Horton midterm

Remember the Willie Horton ad from the 1988 presidential election? The ad became emblematic of a kind of campaign that appeals to the fears of a certain kind of white American, by throwing a certain kind of non-white American at … Continue reading

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Who is buying our elections?

I was sitting in the green room at 30 Rock recently with a security expert who was waiting to go on air, and we started discussing the flap over where the Karl Rove-Ed Gillespie Group, “American Crossroads”/Crossroads GPS, and the … Continue reading

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