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TRR gets Buzzed: runner-up for ‘winner of the week’

Well it’s a fine thing coming in second to Joe Garcia I guess not everyone can have an opponent who channels Mr. Bean … Congratulations to him, and thanks to The Buzz for the pub!

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Shorter Nate Silver: ‘No one knows what’s going to happen on Election Day’

Two remarkable polls by FiveThirtyEight/New York Times numbers guru Nate Silver make the point I’ve been trying to make for months: pollsters and experts (a la Charlie Cook,) are surefire certain Republicans are going to run the table on November … Continue reading

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Typical ‘pol’? Allen West ditches his ‘fellow riders’ amid Outlaws flap **UPDATE: ‘Wheels’ editor wanted West for president

“Greetings, my fellow riders…” that’s how Allen West kicked off his monthly column in the October issue of Wheels on the Road, the biker publication for which he writes a monthly political column called “Washingtoons.” West even has his own … Continue reading

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