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The Apprentice: Jeb Bush, the man behind Marco Rubio

If, as the pundits and prognosticators expect, Florida voters elect Marco Rubio to the U.S. Senate, the tea party may get the credit from the media, but Rubio will owe a much greater debt to someone else: former Florida governor … Continue reading

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Radical anti-Muslim activist J. Mark Campbell: Jennifer Carroll’s ‘my girl’

In an attempt, I think, to help pitch Jennifer Carroll’s co-candidacy with Rick Scott in Florida, I received the video below from a prominent black Republican, who may not realize how unintentionally un-helpful it is …

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The ‘just give me my damned check!’ election

Two paragraphs that kind of sum up the 2010 electorate, from the Miami Herald, whose new small-sample poll shows Rick Scott just ahead of Alex Sink: Among the undecided voters is Karen Reed, a 55-year-old from the Orange County suburbs. … Continue reading

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Saturday video vault: Kanye West, ‘Power’

The most visually stunning music video I’ve seen in a long, long time. More on the director after the jump. Enjoy! And as promised …

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Youth in revolt: David Frum tells the GOP not to get too excited

David Frum, derided by the purveyors of the anti-intellectual putsch on the right, nails another one. The tea party movement will be successful in the long term, because its base dovetails with the older, whiter midterm electorate. But when 2012 … Continue reading

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