A stain on the court? Scalia and Thomas’ secret meeting with KochPac raises ethical questions

Imagine this scenario: two justices of the Supreme Court, one of whose wives is a political activist who has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions, including one $500,000 donation, from unknown sources to fund her activities opposing the sitting president of the United Sates; attend a secret meeting.

Also at that meeting: heads of major corporations who are gathering with media figures and wealthy individuals to coordinate election strategy, with the goal of ultimately rolling back or overturning “onerous” regulations and other policies proposed or endorsed by the president.

Now imagine that those same two Justices voted to allow unlimited corporate spending on elections, which just happens to dovetail with the agenda discussed at that meeting.

And now, imagine that the president in question is a Republican, and the justices lean to the left. The right wing in this country would demand nothing less than impeachment.

So I have to ask: where is the outrage over Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, because the scenario above, only reversing the political parties, is exactly what has taken place.

At the least, the political activities of these two justices certainly merit a closer look, as this post and this one agree. And Think Progress asks some very salient questions about fundraising.

Meanwhile, when she’s not phone-stalking Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginny apparently is a bit of a constitutional scholar… Does her activism influence her husband’s rulings?

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