Clarence Thomas’ wife, the tea party, and Citizens United

Clarence Thomas and his wife, tea party activist Ginny.

As Karoli of Crooks and Liars points out, Ginny Thomas, wife of the “silent Justice,” Clarence Thomas, is taking a more and more prominent role in the tea party movement, and her purely political organization, Liberty Central, is just the kind of secret corporate donor-funded groups her husband’s majority decision in Citizens United helped create. How convenient is that…

The New York Times finally takes notice. At issue: could Thomas’ objectivity on the court be compromised by his wife’s activism?

Meanwhile, ThinkProgress digs deeper into how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gets its foreign funding, and begs to differ with the unsurprising Wapo/Times knock-down of what is probably the most important political story this year.

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3 Responses to Clarence Thomas’ wife, the tea party, and Citizens United

  1. Yankee says:

    “secret corporate donor-funded groups”

    Please–there was no secrecy involved. His wife’s activism has no bearing, whatsoever, on his decision-making or on his decision. If it did, she would not have involved herself. She’s a very bright woman and wouldn’t be so stupid as to jeopardize his position at this late stage.

    Aim higher–get a life.

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