Florida: meet your next Senate president

Forget about those losers like indicted former House speaker Ray Sansom, former Republican Party chairman Jim Greer or all those party people (Marco Rubio included) being looked at by the U.S. Attorney, the IRS and the FBI for having a little fun with the party Amex. This guy Mike Haridopolos? He’s gonna get Florida’s ethical house in order …

From the St. Pete Times:

TALLAHASSEE — State Sen. Mike Haridopolos admitted Wednesday he made mistakes in five years of financial disclosure forms, but that came too late for the Florida Commission on Ethics, which found probable cause that the lawmaker violated the state ethics laws.

The finding could subject Haridopolos to a potentially embarrassing investigation at a time when he’s at the pinnacle of his legislative career, three weeks away from becoming Senate president.

From 2004 through 2008, the ethics panel’s preliminary review said, Haridopolos failed to disclose addresses of employers, bank accounts, stock ownership, car loans, an investment home and a secondary source of income from a consulting firm he owns.

“I think what I did is I didn’t read the directions that well to start, and I just kept doing the same things, year in, year out,” Haridopolos told an investigator for the ethics commission. “I clearly wasn’t doing it right, and I feel pretty silly. I mean, I’m a college professor, and I didn’t do it right.” …

Uh-oh… Read more here.

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One Response to Florida: meet your next Senate president

  1. Give me a break says:

    Another powerful republican that joins the ranks of being unethical and corrupt. The article fails to mention the other corrupt ones…Atwater and his ties to private prison lobbyist, the Arizona immigration law, and his own chief of staff a former private prison executive who along with Alexander were able to get Blackwater a private prison going…..and guess what Scary Scott is right there along with them…all three of these are tied to dirty little secrets with private prison vendors making money off the state. This is just now coming out….very dirty stuff.

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