Frank Rick explains it all: GOP vs the Tea Party

Think you're about to be in charge, sign guy? Good luck with that.

From Frank Rich’s NYT column, the naked truth: the tea party may think they’re taking over the country (by mugging the GOP), but all they’re really doing is serving as the vassal army for the real bosses set to gain even greater leverage in DC: corporate interests whose Republican viceroys will look to dunk their little teabaggies and get back to business as usual the instant the smoke clears from the election.

The bottom line:

For sure, the Republican elites found the Tea Party invaluable on the way to this Election Day. And not merely, as Huckabee has it, because they wanted its foot soldiers. What made the Tea Party most useful was that its loud populist message gave the G.O.P. just the cover it needed both to camouflage its corporate patrons and to rebrand itself as a party miraculously antithetical to the despised G.O.P. that gave us George W. Bush and record deficits only yesterday.

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One Response to Frank Rick explains it all: GOP vs the Tea Party

  1. Any tea partier elected to the House or the Senate will immediately acquiesce to the Republican leadership and to the big-money interests- in a snap. The only real danger for them in that regard is Joe Miller- and bye, bye Joe Miller. Can't help feeling happy for Murkowski if she wins even if I prefer the Democrat.

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