GOP candidate on Taj Mahal: ‘That was Marco Rubio and (Jeff) Atwater’

A Republican House candidate says he had been stripped of his leadership position by then-speaker Rubio and the other party bigwigs in the Florida House when a vote to build a lavish courthouse dubbed the “Taj Mahal” was taken, and says he’s being unfairly tied to the project. The Loranne Ausley campaign gleefully sent out a story in the Lakeland Ledger in which Dennis Ross, running in the 12th District against Democrat Lori Edwards and Tea Party candidate Randy Wilkinson blames the lavish courthouse on Ausley’s opponent, Jeff Atwater, and tea party U.S. Senate candidate Rubio:

Ross said he was not involved in the decision to build the “Taj Mahal” because that was in 2007, a year in which he opposed a property insurance plan supported by Republican leaders.

For his opposition, he was was stripped of his chairmanship of the House Insurance Committee and his post on the leadership council.

“I didn’t know anything more about it than any other of the 119 rank-and-file members in the House, because I had already been removed when it (the courthouse) came up,” he said. “I didn’t even know I was on a ‘heroes list’ until all this came out.

“It may be because my name was still on the council roster after I had been stripped of all my memberships and they just assumed I voted for it. Nobody has asked me about it, they just printed that I was on a heroes list.

“I don’t know anything about that. That was Marco Rubio and (Jeff) Atwater.”

Senate President Jeff Atwater told The Ledger in an interview last week he had nothing to do with the courthouse because he was not president of the Senate then.

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3 Responses to GOP candidate on Taj Mahal: ‘That was Marco Rubio and (Jeff) Atwater’

  1. David says:

    Republicans Atwater, Alexander, Rivera, Rubio, Haridopolos, diaz de la Portilla, Sansom are the most corrupt legislators we have ever had in the state legislature. (Thank you term limits at least some are gone) But if Rick Scott wins, he will surpass them all. Lets get to work Florida. Vote for Sink. She is the clear choice and will bring balance by usurping the disgusting corruption we have seen by the republicans in power in the Legislature.

  2. ASO says:

    The most important conclusions I draw are from this 0-fer are:1) There is virtually no distinction between wines that rate 96 and up on any persons scale.2) replication of blind tasting results for both identifying wines or bestowing scores is a crapshoot (often yielding crap)3) I see no real point in pillorying RMP here; he is human and can err. I only hope he remembers this exercise before claiming again that his palate memory is practically photographic.4) Wine, especially those that evolve over time, should not be tagged with ratings that imply utter precision.5) If more critics were as willing as RP to RE-taste wines they have previously rated in publich, then the 100-point scale would be far more laughable among the common wine drinker.

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