He’s baaack! Jeff Greene: settling scores, playing pundit

Proving that he’s not done making mischief in Florida, Jeff Greene talks to Politico about the Florida Senate race, predicts a Rubio victory if Crist or Meek doesn’t drop out, and says the state Democratic Party tried to email pimp him for $4 million. And he says it all … from the Summerwind … bitches …

The highlights:

Greene says he could have beaten those scrubs… (even though polls showed he’d do even worse than Kendrick Meek is)

“I think I would’ve done better. I always said [Meek] would have had a difficult time against Charlie Crist in South Florida, which is exactly what’s happened. To me, it was crystal clear that moderate Democrats and conservative Democrats were not going to support Kendrick Meek over Charlie Crist,” he said. “It’s not winnable with two of them running.”

Damning his former primary rival with faint voter intent:

While he still plans to cast his ballot for Meek, he said the scenario he’d most like to see is a traditional two-person race.

“They’re splitting the vote,” he said of Meek and Crist. “The best thing is if they would get together and one of them would get out of the race. I’d love to see that happen. Then, just add the numbers together. If they would just get together, it would make a big difference for our country.”

On the New York minute it would take him to jump aboard the Crist train:

“With less than three weeks until the election, if somebody objective is looking at who has the best chance of beating Marco Rubio, most people would say, it’s Charlie Crist,” Greene said, noting that if Meek dropped out, the governor “would have a very good chance of becoming the next senator.”

“If Meek drops out of the race, I’ll vote for Charlie Crist,” he said.

On the last time he and Meek spoke:

Greene said the last time he spoke to Meek was over Labor Day weekend, while he was entertaining New York Gov. David Paterson. But he recalled finishing their conversation without a clear sense of what Meek wanted and was left surprised that his former rival had not apologized for some of the attacks launched in the primary.

“I think he was calling to make sure I was supporting him. I just wasn’t sure what he was asking me. He said some pretty nasty stuff during the primary and I was disappointed he never retracted it,” he said.

And on what he says the party did ask him, and his alleged non-invite to the party’s unity rally, post-primary:

He said state party chairwoman Karen Thurman sent him an e-mail in early September seeking a contribution of about $4 million to the party. He relayed a message back that he had spent all the money he had planned to use on politics during his primary.

Eric Jotkoff, a spokesman for the Florida Democratic Party, said it was Greene who initially raised the possibility of making a contribution and that his staff was informed of the unity rally.

“As for the unity rally, we were informed he would be in the Hamptons and out of town. We wanted him there, we inquired with his staff and his staff informed us he’d be out of the state,” Jotkoff told POLITICO, adding that “Part of the chairwoman’s duties is fundraise. When people inquire about donating money, of course the chairwoman is going to follow up.”

Read the whole thing here.

And to that? I can only add this:

You know? I think I feel better now.

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One Response to He’s baaack! Jeff Greene: settling scores, playing pundit

  1. Precious says:

    Greene appears to be more and more like the Bushes. He’s got his hands on something, doesn’t wanna let go (like the Bushes). The housing market which screwed the poor and working classes made him rich, and he can step on the poor flaunting all of his connections to a rich world.

    (It is true the election here is going to be a screw up) but why doesn’t he have the dignity to shut up and not wail like a weasel?…also like the bushes.

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