Mea maxima culpa: Sink to apologize for NAACP no-show

One of these ladies did not show up at a major NAACP political forum. The other is Jennifer Carroll

Maybe it’s just me … but it probably would have been easier to just go to the forum…

The latest from Jane Musgrave at the Palm Beach Post:

After being blasted for ignoring black voters, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink on Tuesday is to expected to perform a mea culpa on a radio station owned by one of Miami-Dade County’s most influential African-Americans.

Bishop Victor Curry, who is head of the roughly 10,000-member New Birth Cathedral of Faith International, president of the Miami-Dade County NAACP and owner of WMBM-AM 1490, tore into Sink after she skipped an NAACP candidate forum last Monday and didn’t even send a surrogate.

The next day, Curry devoted much of his weekly Tuesday Talk radio show to Sink’s no-show. Compounding the political trouble for Sink was that black Florida Rep. Jennifer Carroll, GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s running mate, attended the forum and wowed the crowd with her answers to tough questions.

“Rick Scott is a right-wing extremist … but I will not vote for Alex Sink just because I don’t like Rick Scott. If I keep seeing this disrespect from these people, I will hold my nose and vote for Jennifer Carroll – that will be my rationale for voting for Rick Scott,” Curry said, according to a partial transcript printed by Florida Courier, a Tampa-based black-owned publication.

Asked about it last week, Sink blamed her no-show on a “scheduling problem.” Both she and her running mate Rod Smith had to attend a “big, huge rally up in North Florida,” she said. Her staff said about 300 attended the rally. An estimated 1,500 attended the NAACP forum.

Gulp. Now, keep in mind, Bishop Curry is a staunch Democrat, who has been known to refer to the Bushes and the Devil in the same sermon. I didn’t hear that particular line, but I did hear hour three of Tuesday Talk, the day after the Sink no-show, and suffice it to say it was nothing nice. (I was on with him for about 15 minutes, and he was pretty harsh on Sink then, too.)

No doubt, Sink made a colossal blunder (which landed her a TRR Epic Fail Award last Friday, plus this very unwanted negative press in a newspaper that’s more than happy to go after Democrats every cycle. Just ask Team Obama…) But the larger context for the Florida Democratic Party, is that this isn’t the first time black voters have felt taken for granted. My suggestion: do not run this playbook again — not for Bill Nelson’s re-elect, and not for the president’s. The week before Election Day is the wrong time to vigorously pursue the support of African-Americans.

Meanwhile, you can catch the appointment radio — tomorrow’s Tuesday Talk, from 9 to 12 here. Ms. Sink is expected to call in around 11:00. I think you’d have to call this appointment radio… Meanwhile, the word on the street is that most African-American pastors and community leaders will be listening with rather sour looks on their faces…


Now before Clarence McKee and other black Republicans start forwarding this post around, thinking it’s a back-handed endorsement of Jennifer Carroll, allow me to add this: I frankly question the wisdom and character of anyone who would campaign with Rick Scott, a man who might be the most disreputable, despicable, frightening and literally hideous character ever to run for governor of anywhere, since George Wallace had a pulse. Or maybe that Meacham clown in Arizona. I’m frankly embarrassed for Ms. Carroll and for the other black Republicans standing with a man who is arguably, no actually, a crook, and who has spent his entire life fighting to deny health insurance to the young, the old, and the poor. If I was her, I would question whether the access to power is worth it.

I respect Bishop Curry. Bishop Curry is my pastor. But unless Alex Sink literally puts on a Klan robe and burns a cross on my lawn, I’m voting for her, and happily so, if for no other reason than to put one more roadblock between that bald headed menace and the governor’s mansion. And this despite the fact that the Carrolls of Trinidad might even be distantly related to the Carryls of Georgetown, Guyana — my mother’s family. If that is the case, just hanging with Scott would make me want to disown the sister, poised and effective though she may be as a surrogate. Her votes in the Senate are repugnant, and so is her running mate. There. That should take care of the forwarding.

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